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When is comes to RV toilets I use the campsites. Much easier and no hassles. When it comes to dealership I thought RV General was terrific. That was 2 years ago. This time we went with the same rep and no problems. I saw what I wanted and went out to look at it. It was when we went to buy it that we got a huge pressure sale to buy the warranty. We got ganged up on when we said no and then the first sales lady left and another showed up to really put the squeeze on us. We still said no but still was shaking our heads with disbelief that we would be ganged up on. Warranties are not necessary unless you feel you need it. We traded our old model in for a bigger one, not by much but still. Watch yourselves when you do business with RV General. Never thought we would encounter a high pressure sale to buy the warranty.


Since I can’t open your email on my iPad I would like to try the RSS feed.
You say to sign up below, to me that means at the end of the newsletter but I don’t find it there. Where is it?

My problem started when I updated, can’t find any solution. Won’t open South West Airlines either!

Jim collins

Another weekend goes by and I didn’t get the newsletter again, don’t understand it ,I get the daily ones with no problem. Luckily I can pull the missing ones up on the web site like I did this one.

Joanie T.

Some of the Winnebagos have the same poor toilet design. I have a 2016 Adventurer. The toilet room is on the passenger side and the tank is more on the drivers side. First time out we were surprised when the toilet paper built up in the tube. Of course I was blamed for using too much TP! But after cleanout we discovered the turn in the pipe. We have to fill the bowl up to almost half way to make it all go down. This is a problem when dry camping so we have to use CG restrooms. Do RV designers even camp with their families in what they design??!! If they do they would design better!

Margaret B

Well, here I am again…the widow with the 2017 THOR ACE that has spent almost its entire time on the dealer lot or service center and is still not over and I am one of the people you mentioned as I have this exact design flaw with their toilets.

I finally get to take my RV from service and off on its maiden voyage and another list of problems was appearing on a daily basis and this darn toilet was the worst along with leaking water under the sink so bad it was running into the dinette storage area.

The toilet was a pain through the whole month I was away and at first would spew contents up and out in a giant bubble onto the floor and walls and it wasn’t until I shut the water off to take a good look down that I see a sharp bend in the sewer pipe right beneath the trap and I mean right beneath it not a foot down but right there and then I did some research and read many many complaints about this same problem and that the black tank is all the way on the other side and yes mine was too. Nothing and I mean nothing other than liquids can go down those toilets unless you have gallons and gallons of water and a huge bucket nearby to flush or your asking for a major clean up which I had several times. It’s absolutely disgusting and as a retired Nurse this is unhygienic to say the least. THOR are aware of this problem but I’m still dealing with all of the issues I complained about on here before and still waiting on them making things right….but just this last week after being promised they would extend my warranty I end up getting an email from them asking me to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement that was shocking to say the least as this was very cleverly worded to where it will only be a “Limited” Warranty and before they will provide this I have to release them from any further issues, complain, repairs and ….future warranty issues and must not discuss any of this with anyone at all and release them and the dealership from all liabilities! For what monetary compensation am I being asked to sign all my rights away after they have had my brand new 2017 RV for 18 months????? NOTHING not a single penny compensation for the almost 2 years depreciation or my payments tax, insurance etc…nothing! They just want me to sign my rights away for a limited warranty and then go on to say this will release them from any further warranty issues! The saddest part is I’m not the only one being treated this way by this company there are hundreds more of us with brand new units we can’t use while they sit waiting to be repaired. I paid for a brand new undamaged RV that came with a 1 year full warranty and that’s what I should receive and here I am still fighting this battle and will not give up and I will not be signing any GAG Order and be silenced so they can go on and do this to other unsuspecting new owners as I would not wish this nightmare on anyone and want to get on with my life!


The Discovering BigFoot Museum is in Felton, CA, as you mentioned BUT that is 1.5 SOUTH of San Francisco!!

Mark B

Re: Minnesota Crypto Incident…

South of the Twin Cities, there are 3 large family campgrounds. They are generally very well run; some in the same family for generations.

These campgrounds have so much demand that on a nice weekend their pools and water parks seem to be at capacity for safety and water quality. Mine is not a professional opinion, just a casual observation.

As the owner of Shades of Sherwood offered, they have approx 1.500 people on a given weekend day. Not everyone climbs in the pool, the water park or floats down the river in inner tubes. But the numbers of people are so high at these locations it is surprising how rarely they have issues.

These campgrounds are adjacent to small communities, and the Minnesota Department of Health probably has limited resources to followup during any given season.

On weekends, we didn’t allow our children to use the kiddy wading pool. With just inches of water and maybe a dozen toddlers sitting in their swim diapers we knew no good could come from that. If you don’t believe disposable swim diapers can leak feces, then I have a unicorn to sell you.

As they grew, we used to ensure they were the first in the pool (on the weekend) as that was when sanitation would be most effective.

More often though, we did our camping on the non-weekend days. Spaces were available, it was just so much more serene and we didn’t need to worry about the water.

Phil Atterbery

I am not an engineer, nor do I resemble one on the interweb. I do have some experience making things work that engineers dream up. I look at how things are built now. In our next coach I will look at design of function. I let the DW look at the “pretty” stuff.


I was on my maiden voyage in June visiting family in MT when my former neighbor told me about his maiden trip…The toilet backed up and there was poo in the toilet. When they got home he was mucking it out and trying to get it to flush. He stuck a stick down in it finding a small hole and hit something. He finally got his shop vac out and tried to suck out the rest of it…a soda can came out.
They had purchased the unit at an RV show. It was taken back to the shop to be readied for delivery…guess they didn’t try to flush the toilet as part of it. All they could figure out was someone at the show had stuffed the can down the toilet. The dealer finished the clean out and gave them free winterization and dewinterizing for three years plus some other free camping supplies. Don’t think he asked them to pay fo the shopvac he had to replace though.

Thomas Urso

Regarding the black tank and toilet problem.
Winnebago plumbs the toilet so it is right above and connected directly to the black tank so no blockage. However if not enough water is used it will pile up in tank at toilet opening.
The best thing to do is to use plenty of water when flushing like you use at home.

Dave Telenko

In response to one of Dave G. concerns. That being the NEWER windows that ONLY open at the bottom. WE dry camp & even with a decent breeze, nothing comes in the darn window. I do understand their thinking as to keep the rain out! Is there a way to open them up so they actually let air in. I for sure don’t want to run an AC unit so I can have fresh air.I just measured them & they only open about 4 inches. The sliders in our other class “A” were great for letting in fresh air, but could also let in rain. I remember having a 1965 Utopia 17′ trailer that was the best for letting in air as it had those louvered windows from one end to the other, i actually miss that old gal!


bungee cords are indeed dangerous. I had one snap and smash into my face causing black eye (lucky that’s all it did to eye) cut my face and broke my glasses. I still use but not very much and never with much pressure. Use only straps when need to really secure something.

John Hiler

There is no law – yet- that you have to buy junk. Stores are full of junk, high profit junk. The “Cheap is Best” mentality that everyone is immersed in calls the shots…

Ron La Grassa

I look forward to Saturdays arrival of your newsletter.
However, I noticed something missing…..
What ever happened to “This week in history” section?


On the Free and Bargain Camping you list The Great Canadian Superstore, Veron, B.C. There is no such city in B.C. It is actually VERNON, B.C. at the address you have on Anderson Way. Probably just a typo but pity the poor camper trying to find Veron.


Referring to the Camping World dilemma…people should use better judgment and stop wasting time,and money,with those crooks.Why do they call it common sense when there is so little of it? As for the poor quality in today’s RV’s…it will catch up with the fast buck corporate con artists sooner or later.


RV Checklist
I experimented with several formats, from note cards to various phone Apps, for the best checklist to fit our needs. Our kids introduced us to a wonderful free phone App called Our Groceries. Not only does this allow you to enter/customize/delete items from a “grocery list”, but you can also create multiple lists. I have a list for grocery shopping and three lists customized for our RV.
1) RV Prep List – includes maintenance and pre-travel reminders.
2) RV Snowbird Departure List – includes reminders for home and RV when extended trips are planned away from the sticks & bricks home.
3) RV Departure List – for daily or frequent travel such as reminders for leveling jacks, tv antennae, vehicle lights & turn signals, steps, awnings, etc.

Our grandkids enjoy helping me check off items when departing from their homes. It makes them feel like they are an important part of the process, and they certainly are.

When items are checked off on the list, the crossed-off items are displayed at the bottom of the list and can be added back at the end of the travel day to be reused again at the next departure!

This app can be networked between multiple devices (phones, laptops, etc).

When we stop, whether overnight or extended stays, I have a simple, reusable 3×5 notecard that has CHECKLIST written on it that is moved from the driver console and placed on the instrument panel as a reminder to check off necessary items prior to travel. I really appreciate the ease of adding/deleting/changing items to make each checklist fit our specific needs.

In my opinion there are Tools, and there are Cool Tools. This multi-function customizable and easy-to-use-and-reuse-App is a Cool Tool!


I don’t know if you keep a list or there is one. I made a major mistake (will really just did not keep track of dates on a trip).
I had an open date, I had NO stay booked for the 17th.
I did not discover until I was at HIGHLAND RIDGE
EAU GALLE LAKE. The Host told me they where full for the night. He suggest a BP station in Spring Valley, and for $20 this night I had a electric and water site in a very nice space.

Dave Gobel

You have been writing recently about the poor quality of new rvs. I suspect you are right in your observations. We currently own a 2008 Allegro Bay by Tiffin and like our coach. But in looking to upgrade to a new(er) diesel I have noticed a couple of troubling design issues. First, a lot (not all) of he newer coaches have windows that open only at the bottom. If you like to camp with your window open instead of running the air conditioner you are out of luck. Second is the layout of the living area. If you have a mid-coach TV with a chair right next to it and then a couch, I would like to know how you are supposed to watch the TV.. Pull your chair out into the middle of the room? That kind of defeats the purpose of haven usable floor space.