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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 966


Issue 966 • September 6, 2018

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More help with after-dark RV backing
“I try to never arrive after dark, but when I do I place four LED camping lanterns out: two at the back corners, one on the slide side where I need to mark any obstruction, one on the opposite side so I can see the direction I need to go.” You’ll find them on Amazon. Thanks, Joseph Weinstein!

Buy a musty-smelling RV?
We often hear of RVers who want to know what magic potion can eliminate “that musty smell in an RV.” If you’re shopping for an RV and smell that musty odor, STOP! Musty odors are often attached to water damage – a terminal issue. Look closely for signs of water stains, including inside every single cabinet. If you find water stains or feel a “soft” wall or ceiling, RUN, don’t walk, away from that rig.

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Answer to today’s brain teaser: A is D’s aunt

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Another take on holding tank chemicals
“In eight plus years of fulltiming, I never put any chemicals in my holding tanks. After about a week all the smell was all gone and I have been chemical free in my tanks ever since.” Thanks to Fred & Judy Ceppa

Route planning tips
By Matt Jones
Plan your route ahead of time. We discovered that we could get free maps from state Tourist Boards and good advice from local Chambers of Commerce. From the latter you can learn about local, free attractions as well as the best sites within their borders; they may also send you coupons for everything from restaurants to museums. They’re a good source for info on free festivals and fairs that may tickle your fancy. From “RV Living: An Essential Guide to Full-time RVing and Motorhome Living.” Available here.

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If you’re an American and go into the bathroom to use the urinal and you come out of  bathroom as an American, what are you while you’re in the bathroom?

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4 years ago

If you’re Russian when you go into the bathroom and you’re Finnish when you come out….

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
4 years ago
Reply to  Michael

😀 😀 –Diane at

4 years ago

What is the holding tank tip? don’t use chemicals? What did you use to get rid of the smell after a week? Something is missing there!

Bill King
4 years ago

Forum Registration still does not work. Now getting the error message is undefined.

I have even tried to register on three different browsers and before someone says you need to include Capitals, lowecase, numbers and symbols, The password already includes all this.

You need to have the website designer revist the code and fix it and thoroughly test it. Maybe forum should be taken down until it gets fixed.

Jessica Sarvis(@jessica)
4 years ago
Reply to  Bill King

I’m sorry for the issues with the forum and I appreciate you letting us know! Would you please email me at jessica(at) with some of the details of your problem? What page were you on when you registered? Were you on mobile or desktop? Thank you!

Brooke E.
4 years ago

We also use the Geo method. Such a simple concept and effective. Calgon liquid and any cheap laundry detergent will do.
4 years ago

Is it possible to put the smallest window air conditioner in my 1989 13′ Scotty?

Chris Kittilson
4 years ago

Tried to register and my password was (NO GOOD). GOOD GRIEF.

Jessica Sarvis(@jessica)
4 years ago

Are you still having trouble registering? If you need help with your account reset or changing your password please email me directly at jessica(at) so I can better assist you.

Mary M
4 years ago

I tried registering for the forum. It accepted my password, but never sent the email verification. I tried twice.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mary M

I tried to register and it came back with this password that no way in hell could I remember so I clicked on “change password” and it accepted that first password. Now I have no idea what it was nor will it let me get access to the forum so I can change it.

Jessica Sarvis(@jessica)
4 years ago
Reply to  Ron

I apologize for the issues! Please email me at jessica(at) so I can help you reset your password.

Jessica Sarvis(@jessica)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mary M

Sorry for the issues! Have you looked in your junk mail? Some peoples email spam filters have blocked our email. If not please email me directly at jessica(at) so I can better assist you.

4 years ago

I use ‘Dawn’ dish detergent periodically & I especially add a good dose to a black tank full of clean water when I travel Point A to Point B. It really helps clean out the tank.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tim

It is also good in a pinch when the dogs do the rolly polly and come out stinky. If it is good enough for WWF then it is good eough for me. Dawn is a great degreaserlr.

4 years ago

I finally navigated all the VERY frustrating obstructions and got signed into the Forum … now there is still no apparent way to begin a new thread or topic. (also, 12 character password??… not even my financial sites require that and on those I am dealing with real money!)
I do really enjoy RV Travel and look forward to using the Forum once it is usable.

4 years ago
Reply to  DogHauler2

Try including capital letters and numerals and special characters.

4 years ago

I too cannot register with a 7 character PW.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Try including capital letters and numerals and special characters.

Sherry Dawson
4 years ago

I cannot register on the Forum. First your programmer is not satisfied with 7 characters with some upper case alpha and a number. The form absolutely requires a special character in the password.

Once I acquiesced to it’s demand, it accepted my password, but gives me this error message: is undefined

4 years ago
Reply to  Sherry Dawson

After reading all this? Reminds me of the troubles I am having logging into my gmail account at work. Have not been able to since I started. And that was 18 months ago. Sad but true. Good luck.

4 years ago

Why can’t the answer to the brain teaser be “father” … with 3 kids?

We never use anything in either of our tanks and never have noticed any odor. However, we are full-timers and the odor problem might just pertain to the short-timers.

Tony King
4 years ago

I quit regular use of Holding Tank chemicals years ago too ! I still carry a small amount just in case. My tank is clean and never ever smells even in hot weather. You definitely don’t need it if all you do is Full Hook up Camping. The one thing I do is after dumping at home I add approximately 1” of water to tank with a little Happy Camper Treatment in both tanks while I’m not using my RV and it sits at home.

Bill King
4 years ago

I have been trying to register for the forum but have been having problems. First the forum would not let me proceed to register until I put in a password of 13 characters with Upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. It would not let me proceed with just the 7 characters with all of the above requirements as indicated on the registration page. After I got past the forum accepting my password, when I press submit I get an error message saying “Cannot read property ‘Message’ of undefined” and I cannot proceed further

4 years ago
Reply to  Bill King

Try including capital letters and numerals and special characters.

Bill King
4 years ago
Reply to  Monty

You missed read my entire comment. I did do all of the capital and lower case letters, numerals and sepcial characters and it took 13 Characters not 7 before it accepted the password, then due to bad programming of the website it gave a error message and would not proceed any further. The error message is a seperate issue from the password. The error message is a result of bad code on the website.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

Interesting comment on being “chemical free” in the holding tanks. I’ve never even thought of that!

4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I’ve found odors to be a combination of the age of the contents and leaving the vent ejector fan on while flushing.

The first is what chemicals fight, usually by literally preserving the contents against breakdown (formaldahyde types I can’t dump into my septic field) or altering the breakdown (bio-friendly types that never worked for me). So, after the first month, I’ve gone without chemicals myself, and “rarely” have issues anyway. Since I often dump at home, I don’t want to poison my septic field anyway.

The second issue, negative RV pressure pulling up stink, is helped (besides turning off the bath fan) by venturi products like the Tornado and 360 vent operated by wind.

Since I boondock out of strong winds, I’m currently working on an active solution involving a 12V brushless fan in the tank stack… There is a solar ventcap available, but I’m not sure how well it works, dependant on sun instead of wind.

Karin S.
4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

We use the Geo Method. Just water softener and detergent. Works great and no smells. The water softener keeps the sides of the tank coated so everything rinses out nicely. It also keeps the sensors from getting gunked up. I use calgon and detergent in the black tank and just the calgon in the grey tanks; since they already have soap in them from either the kitchen sink or the shower.

Carol Schinker
4 years ago
Reply to  Karin S.

Wondering what kind of detergent-liquid or powder ? Sounds like a great idea.

4 years ago
Reply to  Carol Schinker

I too have only used the Geo Method for years and years and several different RVs… however, I do not use chlorine as the Geo Method requires. When traveling, I add about five gallons of water to each tank and then add a cup of liquid Oxy-Clean laundry detergent and a cap full of liquid Calgon water softener. Traveling will agitate the soapy solution and clean all the interior surfaces of the tanks. Dump and rinse once we arrive at our destination.
When stationary, I have added a 3rd waste gate that I use to transfer soapy water from my gray tank to the black tank once the black tank has been emptied. I do this transfer twice along with the black tank rinse running.
We stay all summer long at our rv resort (mid May thru mid Oct) and use this method every time we dump the tanks. We do not have any odors nor have the sensors ever failed to operate normally. RV tank chemicals are just not needed and are a total waste (pun intended) of money….might as well just flush the $$ down the toilet. I have tried many times to convince others of this (on several forums) and people just will not change and the majority will not even try it. They are so locked in to having to use chemicals that they will not even consider anything else.