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R Peterson

Chuck, has it occurred to most folks that a 20% dissatisfaction rate is an acceptable level of operation for the RV industry? When you look at the auto and truck industry you get just about the same dissatisfaction rate as the RV industry (depending on the study you read) and they have been humming along for years. Understand the “sounding of the alarm” mantra but maybe it’s time to educate folks on how to avoid being part of 20% dissatisfaction rate? Humans have free will and sometimes you just can’t fix stupid so you will always have victims in any industry. It’s the human condition. Who said “there’s a sucker born every minute”? Not sure but I bet there were a lot of clowns involved with that industry as well.

Joe Allen

Chuck, you’re not whining, you are sharing your knowledge of poor quality or no quality workmanship in this industry and the careless attitude of those selling these units!
Some of these dealerships must have watched their favorite tv show “It takes a thief” back in the day and have lost their morals with their sales techniques!

SFC Dennis R Strope, USA, RET

Channel surfing, it’s a pastime. “Going RV”, my, arent those new RVs splendid looking. There ought to be a program showcasing ‘follow-ups’, of the people that purchased them and their issues afterwards, what ever they may be…..

Warren Gress

As usual, really enjoyed your newsletter this week. I do not consider your reporting of the sad state of quality control on RV’s as whining. It might be interesting to identify some manufacturers that owners consistently praise and are well satisfied with.


Another hitch accessory that is VERY useful is the Hitch Safe. Having that has helped us innumerable times when we’d inadvertently lock the keys in the truck. We also put a little money in the safe “just in case”. https://tinyurl.com/ybarzpc4

Mark Mc

There are some dealers who stand by their RV’s. Rex and Sons RV’s located in Wilmington North Carolina is one. It is service after the sales which brings me back. He stands by his products and you feel like you are part of his family. Check out your salesman before you purchase any RV. Enjoy your RV don’t regret your purchase.

John Hiler

As long as we keep promoting the “Cheeeeep is Best” theory in the US of A Crap will sell. Banks and finance companies are fellow travelers with the crappers…interest on crap.
Don’t buy the junk. Leave it on the lot. And above all, don’t take the salesman’s word for what a great deal it is. The Cheeper the product the more margin on the price… The more commission.


As for
about the sorry state of the RV industry…thank God there is someone who does actually stand up and “whine” so the buzzards at the RV conglomerates can see what has happened to their products…as if they didn’t know. While the industry is on a fast buck roll…it is the selling dealer that needs to be held accountable for pushing poor products out the door on unsuspecting folks.Dealers like the Blue Dog RV vultures with sales lots in Idaho,Oregon,Washington and Las Vegas. BUYER BEWARE FROM THOSE CROOKS. Keep up the good work Chuck…we are rooting for you.

Sherry Dawson

Chuck, I appreciate the “whining.” Until I started reading your newsletter 3 years ago I was totally ignorant of the problems. I was lucky enough that my first RV was a used Class A Winnebago, which was in perfect condition, and never had a single issue as long as I owned it. Now I’m driving a 1986 Volkwagen camper that was bought new by my mother in 1986. It is still in pristine condition and no camping accessory has ever needed maintenance!

So, please keep up the great work of educating us and the RV industry. If you can think of a way that we can help lobby, please let us know.

I hope to be shopping soon for a used Class A toy hauler for full-timing. Unfortunately, I rarely see anything in my price range other than Thor. So I will definitely look for one older than 2010, or maybe even 2008, and get it thoroughly inspected first by me, then by a professional. Without this newsletter, I wouldn’t have known so much about shopping for an RV.

RVTravel has been my go-to source to learn about everything RV related. I had no idea I was so ignorant until I started reading your newsletter. Now, I’m feeling much better prepared to take up RVing again.

I believe you are providing the most valuable resource available on all subjects related to RVing. I will continue to make my contributions to the newsletter and encourage others to do so as well.

Thanks to you and your staff!

Patrecia Shaw

Please continue “whining”!! I promise to help spread the word about the newsletter and new Facebook page. Everyone please share the RV travel.com page and tell everyone about RV horror stories on Facebook!! Help Chuck spread the word and hopefully reach the manufacturers.


Advocates are hard to come by – you are not whining. Please stop thinking that way. It’s not negative – it’s proactive reality that is needed in so many industries and so many other sectors (think government agencies, etc). Checks and balances are ‘in place’ BUT there is no money to pay the people that ‘guard the hen house’. Even when the fox is caught, the outcome is a slap on the wrist – and that just results in, ‘business as usual’. Where is the accountability if someone will not keep pushing for change, and in the process take all the risks that so many are afraid to take? A big thanks for the work you do – BIG THANKS

Mark Evenson

Thanks for another great issue! I was wondering if you could mention RV’s worth owning. I bet you own one and there must be others. Would love to know which RV manufacturers are reputable, trustworthy and make a quality product.


When people stop buying poorly made campers then the rv industry will start making better campers. Until then the rv industry will keep cranking out poorly made rv’s. We the consumers have nobody too blame but ourselves for buying poorly made campers.


Chuck, you’re not whining. You’re telling it as it is. Standing up for what’s right.
Keep up the great work.


I agree with ur comments about the problems with RV quality and don’t mind ur ongoing comments, however I would add two observations:
1. There r other entities who support stronger Lemon Laws, namely Consumer groups, like those behind the publication of Consumer Reports and Consumer’s Union. So u r not alone. While their primary focus has been on automobiles, they very much agree with u and do advocate for stronger consumer protection. Have u considered reaching out to them to more actively join ur effort?
2. In a Republic like ours it is ok, nay one’s right to legally lobby for one’s position or what u believe in-even if it is to fight Lemon Laws. Lobbyists who abide by their state’s and federal rules and regulations r a legitimate part of our democratic process, even when we strongly disagree with their views. “Bulldog” lobbyist could be interpreted as a pejorative term, but one that would also apply (fortunately for us) to u!
I do hope u continue to speak out, it is the only way improvements will happen.

Bob Godfrey

I would say the $.05 coffee was at Wall Drugs in South Dakota.
Also, would it be possible for you to disclose what RV manufacturer uses this seedy “full time” restriction in it’s warranty?

Howard Jacobs

Thanks for the good work you are doing. I am recently retired and traveling full time. One of the things I wish that would be available is a national fishing license. The cost of licenses for out of state fishermen if you travel is astronomical. Compounded by the fact that they expire by calandar date, not by purchase date. What can be done. Thanks again.

Sandi Smith

Thank you so much for your article on “full time residence RV warranty” issue. As my husband and I read the newsletter we are appalled at the number of RV recalls and manufacturers stalling and not responding to warranty issues. We said this morning maybe those RV manufacturers need to go through another RV slump and maybe newbie RV purchasers should buy used units with the kinks already worked out. We purchased our 2005 RV 3 years ago and have been extremely satisfied with it. As a FL resident we have given up trying to use it during “snowbird season” as we did find how they get to stay in prime places so long. We enjoy getting even with these snowbirds and enjoy 2-month trips up north averaging 5-6000 miles during summer months. Guess this would void a warranty issue if we had been new RV purchasers…… Thank you so much for your continued voice!!!


I find it ironic that in the same newsletter you have Marcus Lemonis talking about the awesome Coleman travel trailer and you have a family with a leaking Coleman travel trailer. Glad to hear Coleman stepped up, though.