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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 978

Issue 978 • September 27, 2018

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Watch your overhead!
George Bliss comments that there seems to be much advice about where to look when turning, but what about looking up? “Always check for overhead obstructions like low-hanging branches. Rip your rubber roof or damage your air conditioner and you’ll be in for a big expense.” Thanks, George!

R&T De Maris

Water pump whiz
Getting water to your rig without having to move the RV is a blessing if you stay in one place for a while. Many boondockers use a water barrel – a food grade drum – they carry on their truck bed. Getting the water out of it and into the RV is a bit of a trick. Some place their barrels in custom cradles that hold them high enough to allow gravity to drain the water from the drum into the RV tank. Others set them on a bed-mounted toolbox and use a siphon action. Using an auxiliary 12-volt pump can eliminate the “high flyer” methods. Immerse an inlet hose into the barrel – possibly taping it to a metal pipe to keep it “stiff” enough to reach the bottom of the drum. An appropriately sized outlet hose fits into the RV water port. Getting electricity to your pump can be done in different ways. You may “tie-in” to the battery charge line plug in the truck bed, which normally serves to charge the RV batteries when towing. Or run a 12-volt “extension cord” to the cab and power off the cab’s lighter socket. Just make sure the pump’s current draw doesn’t exceed the rating of your socket.

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Heat pump repairs…again!
From reader Linda S.
We have a Tiffin Allegro Red 2015 with Coleman heat pumps. Within the first year, both had to be repaired. Now 2-3 years later another part on both heat pumps has broken. So, 4 repairs in 3 years of ownership. We are very disappointed in Tiffin for using the Coleman heat pumps instead of another more reliable brand. Has anyone else had problems with these units? Comment here.

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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Wednesday, Friday or Sunday?

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Another handy use for old prescription bottles
Bill Schmall says old pill bottles “make a great place for touch-up paint. Did some woodwork in the rig and scuffed it.” So, if you just need a little paint to touch something up, the bottle would hold enough to do the job without taking up much space or weight. Great idea! Thanks, Bill!

Closing slides in winter
If you have slides, be careful when opening and closing them if camping or living in winter conditions. Overnight snow can collect on the slide-cover awning and must be removed before closing the slide. Snow removal can be quite difficult because the roof areas will also be snow-covered. If possible, use a separate ladder to gain access and make sure to have assistance nearby when using a ladder in winter. You may also find that water pooled on a slide-cover awning may freeze overnight if the temperature drops. The resounding “crunch” noise when you start to put your slide in will not be a comforting sound. Again, the only solution is to carefully break up the ice and remove it. —Thanks to Ron Jones, AboutRVing.com.

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Ten best Halloween celebrations in the U.S. 
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Prepare your winterized RV for storage
Here’s a helpful article on KOA.com from our friend Mark Polk about how to properly store your RV after it’s been winterized.

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Answer to today’s brain teaser: Yesterday, today, tomorrow

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Photo: seniorplanning.org

An elderly gentleman went to the doctor complaining that his wife could barely hear. The doctor suggested a test to learn the extent of the problem. “Stand far behind her and ask her a question, and then slowly move closer to determine how far away you are when she first responds.” The man, excited to finally be working on a solution, runs home and sees his wife preparing supper. “Honey,” the man asks standing around 20 feet away, “what’s for supper?” After receiving no response he tried it again 15 feet away, and again no response. Then again at 10 feet away and again still no response. Finally, when he was only five feet away, “Honey, what’s for supper?” She screams, “Jeez! For the fourth time, I said it’s lasagna!!”

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Tommy Molnar (@guest_33405)
5 years ago

I use one of those cheapo electric drill pumps (from Home Depot), a piece of PVC, and two lengths of hose to pump water from our extra water containers into our water tank.

snayte (@guest_33400)
5 years ago

My trailer has no gravity fill. If you are drawing from a non pressurized source you need to use the onboard water pump.

JBC (@guest_33382)
5 years ago

Survey should have included, “Not applicable – rig has no slideouts”.

Michael (@guest_33381)
5 years ago

Didn’t have to have the slide on our Winnebago Navion professionally fixed, but had to crawl under the slide to access the control panel to get it to come in two or three times myself before it stopped misbehaving.

Sue (@guest_33373)
5 years ago

Loved the joke! “Sounds” like my life.

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