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RV Daily Tips Newsletter 997

Issue 997 • October 31, 2018

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Screening out bright light
Pestered by brilliant light shining in their rig windows (including the windshield) but not wanting to go to a “blackout” situation, Phil came up with a hit: “I bought some solar screen material like you would use for south-facing windows, cut it to shape (slightly oversized) for the windshield and side windows, and my wife hemmed the edges, into which I inserted some flat, round, super-strong magnets. The magnets have no problem holding the screening on the metal body that surrounds the doors and windshield. Now, I can quickly cover all three windows and keep the intense heat buildup under control no matter which way the rig is facing.” Here are the magnets Phil used.

How to help avoid mold and mildew in your RV
When winter camping in a humid area, mold and mildew can creep in. Electric dehumidifiers are noisy and eat lots of power. Keeping the air moving in your rig can often chase off the mildew creatures, so try running a fan to keep the air circulating. And don’t let your furniture come up against an outside wall if you can help it.

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 Avoid Waste Dumping Disasters 
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Today’s brain teaser (answer below): A father and son went in their car for a road trip. They got in a car crash. The father died, and the son was badly injured. He needed surgery, but in the hospital when the doctor comes in, the doctor says, “I can’t operate on this boy, he’s my son.” How is this possible?


Coiling stiff hoses
After Jim Schrankel bought some stiff RV water hoses, he found they were pretty hard to coil up. Jim says, “I solved that problem by purchasing a few of those figure-8-looking things that Coil N’ Wrap sells that aids in coiling your hoses effortlessly.” Here’s where you can get them.

No such thing as “light” water
Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. If you’re going to take 40 gallons of fresh water, you just added more than 300 pounds of additional weight to the RV. Take just enough water to get to your destination. Tip from Mark Polk, RV Education 101.

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Rain gear!
It’s (unfortunately) that time of year again. Use this link as a jumping off point to purchase a new rain jacket, rain boots, a rain cover for bags and gear, umbrellas, etc. 

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PRODUCT OF THE DAY: Well this is…unique! The kiddos will love this, your furniture will not!

Answer to today’s brain teaser: The doctor is the boy’s mother.

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4 years ago

Water and Coolaid/lemonaid drink mixes

4 years ago

Soda water and lots of it. La Croix is my favorite next to tea.

4 years ago

More gin and tonics for me hahaha.

Scott Taylor
4 years ago

Jug of lemonade in the fridge!

Bill Bateman
4 years ago

La Croix and other similar products fill the bill for me … lots of fizz and some great flavors, which you can always add a little lime to for a zero calorie refreshing drink. (or a little rum for cocktail hour coverage).

4 years ago

I really think that once you consider the wind profile of a moving house down the road the extra 3 to 5 hundred pounds of weight does not really do that much for your mileage. We started with a 3500 lb travel trailer for about 3 years and now have a 5800 lb travel trailer and my mileage was the same with either one. (same truck) I do get about 1 mpg better when the canoe is on the roof of the truck though.

Gene Bjerke
4 years ago

We do our traveling in a Class B, which is admittedly a little overweight. We were advised by the person who weighed us to carry a minimum amount of water. That is fine for someone in a big Class A who always uses full hookups and has a toad for local transportation. A Class B uses the rig for that task. When I was using full hookups, I have had all my gear stolen while I was out seeing the local attractions. Since then, I only plug up to electric (and occasionally cable, the cords are cheap) and pick up my equipment when I leave. (It also makes my set-up and break-down job quick and easy.) So it makes more sense to carry my own water. Plus, we don’t always spend the night in a CG. RVers are a varied lot and there is very little advice that is right for everyone.

4 years ago

I also keep sparkling water in frig to which I add fruit juice or soda. Refreshing without as much sugar. Most fruit juices are concerned anyway.

4 years ago

I also keep my water tank, fuel, and LP full when I store my vehicle- my RV is my “boogie vehicle” if there is a natural disaster of some sort!

4 years ago

With regards to Sherry’s semi-complaint that some articles are repeats, people have to remember that there ARE newcomers to the site and it’s very possible they haven’t read that particular article before. And for some of us with old-timers problems, any repeat article can serve as a reminder of what we should (or should NOT) be doing.

Sherry Dawson
4 years ago

Of today’s 4 tips, 2 of them have been posted here recently word for word. I’m finding that an increasing problem with the daily newsletters.

I keep a spreadsheet by RV topic, so that when I go full time I can easily find the notes I’ve copied. Most of them come from this newsletter. Thank you very much for that!

However, I also have an excellent memory, so I know when you post something I’ve read and copied before. Since my spreadsheets are so well organized, I can quickly find that exact posting in my notes.

I know you have extensive archives, so when you have no new material to post, maybe you could choose something much older that most of us wouldn’t have already read.

I also was only allowed to make one choice from the survey today.

Please know that I love this newsletter and it has been my major source of RV education for the several years I’ve been planning for full-time RVing. It has guided me in issues of safety, RV maintenance and operation, purchasing my equipment, and learning thousand of things I didn’t even have on my radar when I had a motorhome 28 years ago. So if I make a small complaint, it is only to help you make this wonderful newsletter even better. Thanks for all you do to educate and assist us.

4 years ago

True Lemon drink mixes made up in quart jars & kept in frig are always available, unless the grandsons are with us. They drain my supply pretty quickly.

Tommy Molnar
4 years ago

I coil my hoses and connect the ends. That keeps them neat, and also keeps water from running out.

We travel with at least a 1/3 of a tank – IF – we know where we’re going. Otherwise we carry a full tank. As boondockers, we already know there won’t be any water where we end up (wherever that is). I like weight. It keeps us on the ground . . .

Oh, and I was going to click on two liquid items (beer and water) but once I clicked on one, that was it.

4 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

Kudos to the beer. In moderation of course.

4 years ago

The idea of taking only so much water with you is great but the one problem I find is so many campgrounds have what I consider bad water. I do use a taste and sediment filter but still the smells so I try to keep as much as possible out of RV. That is why I travel with all most full tanks.

4 years ago
Reply to  r

Better yet,get yourself a portable water softener…On The Go makes a good one.

4 years ago

I learned how to keep my water hoses organised easily. I have a 10′, a 15′, and a 25′ hose. Then I also carry a 10′ and a 25′ collapsible hoses. I have 75′ of hose when I need it but no big coils laying on the ground when I don’t.

4 years ago

I disagree on the “only take enough water to get to the destination” as a solid or general rule. Of course it depends on your load and if it possibly could put your rv overweight. Our 60 gal tank sits right over the axles and when full helps lower our center of gravity making the rv more stable. A partially full tank will also allow the water to slosh around when going around corners, shifting that CG from side to side possibly creating a dangerous situation.
We also ran into a situation where the power went out this summer at a campground and left the (city) water system inaccessible for a day. That full load of water made it a non issue for us.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scooter

60 gallons is 500 lbs. of additional weight. That is taxing your rigs mpg. Extra Weight means less mpg. Concerned about campground water system failures? Fill up when arrive at your destination.

4 years ago
Reply to  Reed

Just giving another point of view. My diesel truck doesnt mind the extra weight. ;). I just like extra options and for the record I am the guy who carries 2 spare tires and plenty of tools. Yes I have weighed the trailer and it still comes in under MGTW. As far as the loss of water at the campground, the issue in my mind continued after the water was restored. How much water was sucked back into the system (contamination)? I have only seen a handfull of antisiphon valves in my years of camping. Didn’t use the spigot for at least a day until I felt any contamination had been purged out. True I could have topped off at arrival but what if the failure happened at or after my arrival? Again just food for thought. Clearly not everyone agrees on a full tank and I don’t agree on an empty or partial fill. Have a good one.

Barry Kanne
4 years ago

I prefer Gatorade G2. Refreshing and low calories.

Jim schrankel
4 years ago

My first choice for blackout solutions is a sleepmask. Quick, portable, and does the job without the hassle of blinds, reflexite, and blackout shades.

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