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2 years ago

We are heading to Escalante/Bryce Canyon next July. We found a tour place called Bryce Canyon Scenic Tours. They are doing a special 6 hour tour for us and it is priced inexpensively. I won’t say because your tour might be different. But they are doing a tour exclusively for us. I can’t wait. We are staying at the KOA in Cannonville Utah because it is on the rim of Bryce Canon. Otherwise I can’t wait until July. Even if there are free deals into certain places? I do recommend the tour guides because they can get you into places you can’t get into on your own. Happened with us in Yellowstone. Happy travels.

Rory Roberts
2 years ago

Ah yes the good old days, when I was a kid, soda was according to brand and the size of the bottle (no cans then) was either 5, 6 or 7 cents. Coke & 7-up were 5 cents, there were in 6 % 7 oz bottles, Nehi (which had about 8 different flavors) & Barq’s Root Beer were in 12 oz bottles and was 6 cents, Big Giant Cola (yes that was the name) was in a 16 oz bottle and was 7 cents. Boy I surprised myself even remembering all that. So I said all that just to say Chuck, you are not so old after all…….

JJim Pelletier
2 years ago

Chuck, i grew up in Connecticut delivering the Hartford current. On Saturdays and Sundays during collection I would stop at the soda jerk in a drugstore and for $.25 I could get a vanilla soda and a bag of chips and I was part of my greatest treat

2 years ago

When I was a boy in the Rio Grande Valley, frosty cold Cokes from the machine were five cents. Heavenly.

Phil Smith
2 years ago

Question – Knowing that Chuck is “opinionated” 🙂 about some RV-related vendors, does the inclusion of an advertisement mean any sort of endorsement on his part? I am referring specifically to the RV extended warranty advertisement in this issue.


Pete Almasi
2 years ago

My brake lines on my old Georgie boy had split so often I took to carrying the fittings a small vice and section of brake hose my size so I could make one on the fly.

robert austin
2 years ago

When I was a kid growing up in northern Pa soda was a nickle with a 2 cent deposit. So as long as you drank at the Mom n Pop store you only needed the nickle. As kids we would scour the roadsides for bottles, it only took 3 and a penny left over candy. Ah the good old days.

Glen Scofield
2 years ago

Your story on the Flying J president struck a cord with me. About six years ago, when we were following the Mother Road west, I thought to use my Good Sam card at Flying J’s. Imagine my surprise when even with the 6 cent discount at Flying J, I could buy less expensive gas at just about any other station in America! Needless to say, to me, Good Sam fueling discounts are more scam than savings.

Dave Telenko
2 years ago

Hey Chuck, about those two bit cokes you’ve gotten at the gas station. Hmmm I remember them being 5 cents & no deposit required. That when i was a paper delivery boy & made 7 cents a week from each customer back on the East coast. Those were the days! I was really lucky as I had 2 customers that had apple orchards & they always gave me free apples even if they didn’t know it.

John Hiler
2 years ago

Spend all your time looking at your phone or driving hard to the next place to see something not worth seeing in a cement canyon and you miss a lot of good stuff. Get off on the back road and stop at the next fruit stand…The guy selling oranges with the big pet parrot…

Mark B
2 years ago

The answer to the question about the Needles flyswatter repair is needles.

Before the disposable society and Dollar Tree, people used to fix things. Today, you can still find a few tailors that are experts in reweaving fabric, whether a couch, an expensive suit or coat with a moth hole, cigarette burn or some tear. Two methods would have been used for repair of flyswatter: 1st, you could just sew the tear or 2nd, you could weave mesh thread to replace what was missing. See the wikiHow article method 2.

At 25 cents for a repair, deftly done in 5 minutes, that person would have been earning decent spare change in their quiet time.

This mystery could be “unraveled” by an inquiring mind even decades later.

Gregory Illes
2 years ago

Up to now, Pilot/Flying-J has been one of my go-to fuel stops — lots of space for pull-throughs, very decent pricing, a great convenience store and rest rooms.

Mark Hazelwood is clearly a sleazebag and a bigot, and nobody I’d want to have anything to do with…. But he and 14 other greedy jerks are going to jail, and will be out of the company. Good riddance.

Going forward, I’d only be punishing myself, not Hazelwood, by boycotting Pilot.

Oh BTW — that 12-year sentence does seem big for a purely financial crime. I’m no armchair-lawyer, but I wonder if it’ll get changed on appeal.

Bill McGough
2 years ago

Maybe you were never really in Needles California, maybe you drove into the twilight zone and all of that was a figment of your imagination. Just a thought.
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill McGough

´That would make for a good episode with the same fly swatter title!

John Lockhar
2 years ago

Great story about the fly swatter guy! Don’t let opportunities to learn get away! I’ve stopped for gas in Needles myself, and heat is an understatement!

John Lockhart
2 years ago
Reply to  John Lockhar

I really didn’t misspell my name the first try. Autofill apparently doesn’t work flawlessly!

Gregory Illes
2 years ago

Fly swatter repair….

Chuck, that great story should remind us all that some golden opportunities arise in our lives, and will never be presented again.

On a whim, I did a web search (I refuse to say “Googled”) for “fly swatter repair”, and got thousands of hits on how to fix an electronic fly swatter. Bob Dylan was right: “The times, they are a-changin'” — every year of our existence.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gregory Illes

G’day, recent article about RV deliveries taking a nosedive and another right behind it about RV record sales. That’s not oxymoronic is it?