Thursday, September 28, 2023


RVers show big interest in electric bicycles

Interest in e-bikes has never been higher, if the results of a poll Thursday at are any indication. Of the more than 1,300 readers who responded, nearly a quarter (23%) reported they already owned an electric bicycle. Another 22 percent said they planned to buy one within the next two years, with 16 percent reporting they were interested in buying one in that same time frame.

“I’ve owned two e-bikes,” noted publisher Chuck Woodbury. “They have come a long way in usefulness and efficiency since my first one about ten years ago. But even those somewhat primitive models were handy for short trips from the campground, even on rural roads. I made many trips to the local general store for milk, bread or other items that were running low.”

Many readers commented after responding to the reader poll, noting that electric bicycles were still too expensive for them. Others praised them for their convenience with no mention of price.

“I enjoy riding my Lectric (brand name) bike around campgrounds and down trails,” wrote one reader. “It folds up and easily fits in the truck bed. My knees will not allow me to do a lot of walking, but I can pedal the bike with ease.”

Tony Barthel, of Stressless Camping, recently attended the national Forest River Owners Group Rally (FROG) in Goshen, Indiana. “It was overwhelming how many e-bikes there were,” he said. “Last year Peggy and I were very unusual having e-bikes and this year they were EVERYwhere.”

To see the latest poll statistics (readers are still voting) click here.

If you own an electric bicycle or plan to, you may enjoy our Facebook group Electric Bikes for RVing.



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Neal Davis
1 month ago

If I win an electric bicycle, then I’ll have one. If I have to buy an electric bicycle, then I’ll not have one.

leslie berg
1 month ago

I’m not sure why, but there have been numerous fires caused by e bikes, apparently when charging. The fires are very intense and don’t respond to the usual fire fighting methods. As a consumer, that would worry me, as I live in a state where fires spread so quickly.

Split Shaft
1 month ago
Reply to  leslie berg

One reason for these small electric vehicle fires is due to battery recharging where the battery charger is not monitored and unplugged once the battery reaches full charge. The charger may display a green light when the battery reaches full charge, yet it can still supply current to the battery and overcharge it if the internal battery management system (BMS) fails. I use a clock timer for added safety when recharging these small electric vehicle batteries to shut the power off in case I forget.

Jim Johnson
1 month ago

For e-bike owners – when the trail signage says “no motorized vehicles” and there is no exceptions listed, you may be fined. Happened on Mackinaw Island, Michigan this summer. This island State Park is a major tourist destination, and bans the use of motorized vehicles. Transit on the island is foot, fully human powered cycles, or horse (saddle or carriage). Probably an exception for handicap type chairs. Passengers can bring personal bicycles across on the ferries. E-bike owners were fined using them on the island and their bikes confiscated until they departed.

1 month ago

Around here the State and COE parks require all motorized vehicles be registered, have a license plate, carry proof of insurance, and be operated by a licensed driver. They do have exceptions for assistance vehicles for disabled folks. It’s a good rule. Otherwise, kids would be racing through the campground on Ebikes. And some of those kids are old enough to vote.

Bob M
1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

Sounds like a good idea. In Pa our politicians want drivers to make room for bicycles on the road. Most roads are not wide enough for two way traffic and bicycles. License them and use the money to widen them for bicycles.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dan

E-bikes “are not considered motorized vehicle under the law”, although it depends on your local regulations. The “federal gov’t considers an e-bike motorized if it has an automatic transmission and two wheels.” And yes, kids are racing around the CG on their electric trikes, bikes and scooters and no, they aren’t old enough to vote, lol!

Kelly R
1 month ago
Reply to  G13

In Fla. it has to be under 750 watts and have operable peddles to be an e-bike. No peddle power and over 750 watts and I guess is no longer just an e-bike

1 month ago

Wear a helmet! Human head vs hard Mother Earth = you lose.

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