RVer’s tractor gets attention in RV park



RVer's tractor gets attention in RV park

RVer's tractor gets attention in RV parkLarry Dexter can’t seem to get rid of this garden tractor no matter where he travels. The sign says, FOR SALE. Been sitting awhile but should start: $400.

Wherever he camps with his wife Judy, the tractor goes on display out front for all to see. It got my attention as I walked by. I told him I wouldn’t be buying it for $400. “I won’t even give you four dollars,” I said. Larry laughed.

Larry and Judy collect Wheel Horse lawn and garden tractors — the kind you use to mow lawns. They live in Warsaw, Mo., but travel in their Chateau motorhome around the country where they can buy and sell the small tractors. Larry said they currently own 32. — CW

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🙂 This made me smile. Unique conversation starter and way to promote a business.