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Our pets are more dear to us than we ever imagined, new study suggests

According to our polls at RVtravel, as many as half, or even more, of our readers travel with a pet, most of them a dog. Those who do would not leave home without their little pal (or pals).

Now, a new poll of 2,000 U.S. pet owners provides some insight into the popularity of our little furry friends. The poll revealed that 53% believe their pet knows them better than anyone else in their life, including their best friends, family members or even their significant others.

Nearly half (45%) tell all their deepest secrets to their pets and 72% swear their pet can tell exactly what they’re feeling at any point in time.

According to respondents, pets can pick up on when you feel upset (71%), when someone is outside the home (66%), when you feel happy (61%), when you feel angry (58%), and when you feel tired (43%).

One in four (25%) claimed their pet can even mirror their emotions “most” or “all” of the time.

Pets like to mimic certain human-like traits, like coming to help when they’re needed (61%), eating together or at the same time (49%), snoring (48%) or sleeping under the blankets (46%).

The poll was conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Zesty Paws, in honor of National Pet Month, and included ownership of all pets, not one particular type.

“The bond we have with our pets is unique in a variety of ways,” said Yvethe Tyszka, vice president of marketing at Zesty Paws. “That connection can be so strong; it feels as if pets can read our minds and emotions at times.”



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7 days ago

You can’t knowing what you dog is thinking. Closely watching your daily actions tell them what is happening next. Getting ready for work they know that routine or getting to turn in for the night. When you’re excited they are. Come home and greeted with tails wagging and verbal talk. Man’s/women’s best friend is a furry beast because they’re there to smooth the day out.

7 days ago

My dog knows me better than anyone. They can read us like no other.

7 days ago

Not a surprise. Mine helped me through my husband’s death, and a month later, the other dog died. And we got through covid together. Woe to any person who attempts to mess with my dog. He is my eighth of his breed, and they have all depended on me to keep them safe. That’s my job.

7 days ago
Reply to  Lorelei

My story almost exactly! And, the best camping companion ever!

6 days ago
Reply to  Fox

Yes, mine is ok with our camp trips, but I know he would rather be home checking his gopher holes and all, so I do short trips. He doesn’t bark unless he has good reason and ignores people and dogs, so I couldn’t ask for more.

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