RV Industry brags about defeating RV lemon laws


May 20, 2019 — The RV Industry Association released a video today listing its accomplishments in 2018, which included victories in defeating RV lemon laws in two states. What does that mean? It means any RV buyer who ends up with a defect-ridden RV in those cases that can’t be fixed is stuck with it.

Below, see a 16-second excerpt of the video in which the industry brags about defeating the legislation that would have protected RVers from badly built products. If you want to read more on the subject, join the Facebook group RV Horror Stories.

So who is looking out for you? This website, RVtravel.com, plus The RV Show USA and the Escapees RV Club and our favorite lemon law attorney Ron Burdge at RVlemonLaws.com.

Watch the full RVIA video by clicking here. (Editor: Woops! It appears that video has been pulled. Two guesses by whom. It has been replaced by an edited version – click the video below.)

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Thomas Cozad

Where is the full video? what happened to it?

Carson Axtell

Ain’t it amazing how much lopsided, favorable legislation money and an organized lobby can get criminal businesses? Well, maybe not so much in these times when criminality is being normalized every which way you turn… Trade associations used to act through ethics enforcement to preserve the reputation of the industry they represented in the furtherance of their long-term interests, but these days they have become lobbies that only act to defend the unethical and even criminal behavior of their members for short-term profits.

Gene Bjerke

The more I read about the business, the more I like my older (2010) RV. It was built well and as long as I keep up with maintenance I have no reason to sell it. Yes, there are some nice goodies on the newer machines — heated floors springs to mind — but I will stick with my tried and true Roadtrek for the foreseeable future.

marty chambers

They are just cutting their own throats and destroying the RV industry by alienating their customers.

They tell us to buy new so not to have someone else’s POS. But they do nothing to keep manufacturers from selling POS RVs and don’t make them abide by their promises.

They have made RVing a fad that is quickly fading away.

This once was a pleasure, now greed has made it a trap that will make you regret getting into.

Thomas Becher

There has got to be more to the video than that . It just stopped at legislation. What’s said after that?
Remember the old adage. BUYER BEWARE. If you are not savvy enough to check out your purchase than hire someone who is. I understand that all problems are not going to be apparent but looking at the general quality and appearance should give anyone a feel for what goes on next.


Just the fact they are bragging about it is awful. What a bunch of clowns.


It’s a simple equation: money = power. As long as RVIA is able to use money to influence legislators and regulatory decisions, they’ll do so. And as long as sheep continue to hustle into the shearing pen, they’ll get fleeced. Sure, maybe most buyers will get lucky and drive away in their dream RV. And some won’t. So, who’s feeling lucky? It’s a foolish player who sits down to a rigged game.

Maybe if enough folks rebelled and refused to buy new RV’s, the RVIA might begin to clean up its act. Or not. Greed is a pernicious affliction.

Mark C Schaffler

wonder how much that cost the RVIA??….whatever it was they will just pass on in increased cost for lemon rigs……no pride in workmanship or product production…..we really need foreign competition in the RV business….i.e. get the Japanese building them!!….they caused the US auto industry to change their ways….slowly, but they did.