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RVing in the news for July 27, 2017


RV camping coming to Georgia Public Fishing Area
Statesboro Herald
Grounds have officially been broken to begin construction improvements on Georgia’s Evans County Public Fishing Area. The $1 million, state-funded project will turn the current fishing area into a complete-hookup RV camp area in a bid to expand their current “primitive-style” only tent camping areas in hopes to also boost profits. Project completion is projected late summer 2018.

After a century, gates open to Sierra paradise
San Francisco Chronicle
After a century long closure, the gates to Webber Lake camping and RV park will finally open again to the public. Once a highly touted tourist destinations, located just off historic Henness Pass Road, the closure occurred due the property being bought and ultimately being re-designated as private property. Now, with new ownership and a little sprucing up, the property is back and ready for new campers to bask in its timeless beauty and pay homage to the history behind the property.

Pet Peeves: Safety tips for camping with your dog
Man (and woman’s) best friend: dog. Traveling with your dog can prove all the more challenging as it is rewarding. Experts at BluePearl Veterinary Partners provide seven great tips for bringing your dog along on your road trip adventures, so you and Fido both have the best trip possible.

Seattle police district cop/marijuana dealer gets caught
Marijuana News Online
A Seattle, WA police officer has been caught exporting cannabis from his home in Washington over to the East Coast, all via his RV. Sixteen year SPD veteran officer Alex Chapackdee was arrested and charged with the crime. He was found with more than 180 lbs of marijuana in his RV.

Bob’s Pocket added to state parks system
McDowell News
Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina has just announced the addition of several properties into the state park system. Included in this announcement is the addition of of Bob’s Pocket in McDowell County, Warwick Mill Bay in Robeson County and Salmon Creek in Bertie County and also a potential for a state park along the Black River in the southeastern part of the state.

Aug. 21 total solar eclipse already causing havoc
Capital Press
For the first time in almost 100 years, people can witness a live solar eclipse. Many campgrounds all over the country in the eclipse’s path are sold out in anticipation of the event, with some campgrounds hosting themed activities during the days leading up to the event. One location in particular, Oregon’s Jefferson County Fairgrounds has sold 5,500 camping spaces. Oregon will be the first landmass to fall into complete darkness from the eclipse. 

DNR to chop back ‘firewood movement,’ splinter local sales
Record Eagle
A Leelanau, Michigan State Park is losing all of its ash trees due to the invasive Asian longhorned beetle. U.S. Forest Service attributes 80 percent of invasive insect infestations migrating from identified sources originated in campgrounds, state parks, lakes and recreational areas or cottage communities. In an effort to control the damage to the surrounding forests, officials are now requiring all firewood used in Michigan state parks to be purchased from an approved vendor or otherwise certified as heat-treated, a process used to kill insect larvae and disease.

Campsite booking service launches
IF Press
A new service will help campers scan fully booked sites for a potential opening. Campnab scans fully booked campgrounds for openings and if it finds one, alerts potential campers with a text message and link to the campground’s booking page. Currently Campnab is only available to Canada, but it is quickly expanding.


World’s most expensive RV finally goes on sale
The London Economic
Measuring 44 feet long, almost twice as long as the average campervan, and complete with cocktail bar, over 20 TVs and gold-gilded interiors, is the world’s most expensive RV — worth more $3 million. Its German manufacturers describe it as a “mobile mansion” coming with a state-of-the-art technology and a master bedroom with a king-size bed, a lounge area, and a modern kitchenette. This beautiful and elaborate creation can be yours if you’re filthy rich and looking for one very unique RV.

Get in free to all Colorado state parks on Colorado Day
The Denver Channel
Colorado Parks and Wildlife is footing the bill for anyone who wishes to visit any of its 41 state parks on Monday, Aug. 7 in honor of Denver’s 141st birthday. Although the city’s actually birthday is on the 1st, all parks will offer complimentary fee entrance to all state parks. All other fees, including camping and reservations, will remain in effect that day.

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