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Here are the top 5 complaints to the RV park office

By Nanci Dixon
We are park hosts in a huge regional park. There are a variety of things that make for not-so-happy campers. Have you ever wondered what campers complain about the most? Do other people share the same annoyances as you? We have answers.

Here are the top five complaints the campground office gets from campers at the park.

1. “My neighbors are too loud!”

The number one complaint to a camp office is that the camper’s neighbors are too loud. Campers will call the office when their neighboring campers are noisy, playing loud music, or shouting.

I am constantly amazed at how far the high pitch of a gaggle of screaming pre-teen girls can carry. Watch the noise level. Sometimes it is hard to tell how loud your music, outside TV or group is getting. Respect quiet hours.

2. “Those dogs are off-leash!”

It is frustrating when dog owners don’t follow the same rules. It’s unfair to one Fido, who so desperately wants to run free off-leash, that another Fido gets to break the campground rules and be off-leash. This is the second most common complaint.

No one wants to risk a dog bite or unruly dog entering their campsite. Keep your dogs leashed at all times. If you’re going to tie them up at the campsite, make sure that the leash won’t allow them to get to walkers passing by.

3. “Quiet those barking dogs!”

Sometimes campers will keep their dog(s) inside their RV while they go sightseeing for the day. You all know what happens next … the dog(s) bark all day. If there are complaints, the park office will call the owners and ask them to come back and take care of their dog(s). If the barking continues, barking dog owners may be asked to leave the park. Make sure your dogs are under control and not ceaselessly barking, in or out of the RV. 

4. “My site isn’t level, and it’s too muddy!”

At the park we’re currently at, there are a number of sites that are as flat as a pancake, but there are also some that will raise the RV tires right off the ground. The best bet is to call the office ahead of time and ask for guidance on the most level sites. Some parks will list online how level sites are, and if there is enough room for slides to deploy. For muddy sites call ahead and ask about the general status of the ground if there has been a lot of rain. The park will generally accommodate a move if possible.

5. “Yuck! The restrooms are dirty!”

The restrooms at our park are scheduled to be cleaned three times a day, but, as you know, a lot can happen in between! Staff won’t know that they need cleaning again unless you call and tell them.

Please do your part to keep the restrooms and showers clean (that goes for laundry rooms, too, and other public facilities). Pick up any type of paper if you drop it, keep water in the shower and wipe up your own toothpaste, shampoo and soap spills. Wads of someone else’s hair are gross for anyone, so please discard!



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10 months ago

Re: barking dogs left tied up outside while owners leave for the day. Tape a note to their RV ( careful of the dog( s) ) that says “ if you leave your dogs alone again, they will be set free “

Dave N.
11 months ago

1.People driving through the campground at 20-25 mph.
2. Unleashed dogs, not picking up poop and walking their dogs with the leash fully extended.
3. Screaming kids.
4. Campers that leave their dogs in their camper all day while they go site seeing.
Just follow the rules.
Dogs bark (thats their job, just correct it)
people smoke, people play music ( leave at a lower level so the campers down 4 spaces can hear each other talk).
Correct your kids screaming.
Slow down your speed
If everybody would do that all would have a more pleasurable camping experience
Enjoy life and camping
Nobody is perfect

Donald N Wright
1 year ago

Insects, one thousand flying insects per square foot of air. Clogged up my bug zapper.

1 year ago

We seldom even go to a park with WIFI! Noise is my major complaint, but we’ve never called the office…yet.

1 year ago

Oh, and the noisy neighbors also have dogs.

1 year ago

We are dog owners. When we leave them in the motorhome we have all the shades down and turn on the radio. If we are bringing a dog that has not been camping we test numerous times by pretending to leave, but just staying outside to listen. Newer dogs are also kenneled in the camper when we leave. If there is barking or disturbance in a test, it can quickly be corrected. Also, it is very important to give all dogs a lot of exercise, especially before leaving them alone. Unburned excessive energy is a precursor to annoying barking.

As a dog owner, ask your neighbors if your dog was barking while you were gone. If “yes”, take action to stop it.

I find constant barking of some dogs annoying. Usually it’s smaller dogs on a dash or on table looking out a window and yapping at everything they see. If owners “denied” them both sight and sound influences, trained them, and gave them sufficient workouts to burn energy, the barking would stop or be minimal.

Lisa Adcox
1 year ago

Number 1 complaint I have got when working in Campground offices is I can’t get the WiFi to work. One park we offered Cable TV and they would call that all they had was a fuzzy channel. Most the time it was that they had booster button on.

Bob S
1 year ago

The biggest complaint at the park we are in now is, the sewer is running over. At least two areas with serious septic issues.

1 year ago

I’ll defend the ‘gaggle of pre-teen girls’ taking the rap for people being loud. The worst experiences I’ve had were from grown men, who conduct LOUD shoot-the-breeze conversations as if everyone in the park needed to hear every word of their discussion of solar panels or whatever. At great length. For hours.

Selene Montgomery
1 year ago

I’m surprised park internet speed isn’t in the top five.

Tony F Stekar
2 years ago

I stayed at a KOA in Butte The shower was ugly too say mildly/ Ended up being contaminate with a foot fungus that I can’t get rid of too this day. My fault ; as I should have been wearing slippers when showering in their ‘s !! Learn the hard way.

Cathy Butler
2 years ago

I was knocked down by a huge black mixed breed dog a few years ago that was off leash. I suffered a concussion and had to have physical therapy to heal my body. My pet peeve on this one was the campground host did “NOTHING”.. the very next day – same dog was running off leash. The hostess did not file an injury report and thus I was unable to go after the dogs owners for any compensation (I just wanted them to pay my deductible health insurance) as there was no proof and the hostess denied anything happened even though she is the one that found me unconscious on the road and kicked me to wake me as she thought I was passed out drunk. At the time the grandchildren of the owner of the dog came running and were like I’m sorry I’m sorry

Allan Weber
2 years ago

Just a quick note about tying up your dog . We were at a campground and a camper did not have their dog tied up and it attacked our Bichon. 3 surgeries latter and over $2000 he is doing ok. The people did pay for all of the costs.

2 years ago

Interesting comments. I try not to complain to the camp office about anything. If I do then it must be bad. I do not go camping for WIFI, I go camping to get away from that. I can level my camper even in the most unlevel spots. I do like shade but I always do recon or ask before I book. I can handle the occasional barking dog its what they do but if it barks non stop then I might say something. We camp with our greyhounds which do not bark much. Most all times they go with us when we leave. On the few occasions we go out with out them they just sleep. I also like to hear kids having fun. The one thing that will get me to call the office is someone being drunk, loud and dropping the f bomb every other word.

Last edited 2 years ago by Travis
1 year ago
Reply to  Travis

I’m in agreement with Travis. It would be pleasant living in a perfect world, er CG, however, we don’t.

Alaska Traveler
2 years ago

I’ve only complained once…. folks had a loud party till 2AM… But among my pet peeves are dogs off leash and/or not picking up their poop, and folks walking through our space and campfires. But with that said….I love being a full timer and before I was….there were 50+ yapping sled dogs living next to my stick house. Now I don’t sweat the little things…. and they’re all little things.

2 years ago

Barking dogs owned by inconsiderate pet owners top of my list. I love to hear kids playing, people talking and laughing, I guess I like to hear people having fun, but those barking dogs that bark at everything they see are the worst. The lousy pet owner is oblivious to other peoples desire to hear mother nature, singing birds, howling coyotes, etc (which is all music to me) I actually had a lousy pet owner at Davis Mountain State Park tell me “If you would stay in your camper, the dog can”t see you and won’t bark at you, it’s your fault he’s barking” the same dog “unleashed of course” ran off all the white tailed deer that were trying to come in during the evening hours. I’ll stop, I could go on and on and on about barking dogs at parks.

2 years ago

As a campground owner the biggest
Complaint I get is guests driving to fast in the campground.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kim

I will bet this is the same group that comes thru the store and church parking lots full bore.

2 years ago

Your WiFi sucks

2 years ago

Barking dogs gotta be at the top of my list. There are the ones that bark all day because their owners’ have left them and those that bark Intermittently when someone walks past their site. The owners of the latter sometimes shush them but noise is out there and will be out there again in a few minutes when the next person goes by as the owners doen’t really fix the problem (probably don’t even see it as a problem, just fido being cute.) Some are yappers, some are howlers, all are a nuisance to those who came for quiet.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bill

You’d think a dog would get tired of barking after a while.. but they never do.

Glenn Abbott
2 years ago

Years ago I had a camp host ask me if the group beside me was bothersome. It was a family with the grandparents, parents and three young children. Children being children, they were having fun and enjoying themselves. My reply to the camp host was : I am on a permanent vacation. If I am bothered enough to complain, I can leave at any time. I still feel the same way.

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