RVshare.com contest will provide RVs for Route 66 trip


RVshare.com is planning to send some lucky RVers tripping down the Mother Road, Route 66, in a newly launched contest, the “Route 66 Road Trip Sweepstakes!” Four winners will receive the use of a rented RV and cash prizes.

The Historic Route 66 Road Trip Sweepstakes will provide the winners with everything they’ll need for an expedition along the historic highway, much of it still in good condition for RV travel (some stretches of Interstate are required to connect one stretch of the famous two-laner with another).

The contest winners will begin their journey in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with an El Monte branded RV. Then, they’ll make their way across the Mother Road before exiting to end their trip in Las Vegas.

Anyone over the age of 25 who lives in the United States and is interested in the RV lifestyle may enter. Learn more at RVshare.com.

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It’s for 4 people. Are they going to have to share one RV or are they in separate RV’s?


I was going to enter, however, after reading the lawyer stuff, changed my mind. Looks like you are forever giving them rights to use your comments, photos etc. Yes, it’s a trip I have dreamed of, but will save my pennies and do it myself!

Marilyn R

I went to the link for the sweepstake but don’t see where to enter.
Could you please provide an active link? Thanks.

Joe Allen

I remember driving on route 66 when it was the main highway and you could get on the parts of I-40 that were open at the time. Year was 1962 Then in ’16, we drove on I-40 and got off and drove some short stretches of route 66. Brought back some old memories of nostalga!

Dave Green

Why is the trip ending in Las Vegas instead of the Santa Monica pier?

Tommy Molnar

My only fear about winning this is that while making our way along the highway, other experienced RV’ers would be giving us WIDE berth (like WE do to any rented RV!), thinking we were rookies.

But, on the other hand, that might be cool – ha.