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I like your “new” News Letter. It was informative and to the point.,

Rory R

Love the Sunday edition and it’s format, great work guys……… Oh and just a thought on Marcus Lemonis’s court battle for using an oversized flag. I seriouly doubt that his insistance on flying that oversized flag had anything to do with patriotism, it is strictly commercialism, as in “Just look for the giant flag”……..

Billy Bob Thorton

Great move to have more private participation by the current administration in our National Parks Service. Let’s not forget the first paycheck received of $100,000 from Forty Five, was donated to the NPS. Lead by example my pappy always said. Fred, you did a good job!


Looks great! Thanks for putting this together


Love the new format. Totally agree with Mike Hancock about what’s trying to be done to our National parks and that it must be stopped. This is just one more way for the big businesses to get their hands on OUR NATIONAL PARKS and make a buck while destroying OUR lands natural beauty.

Jacqueine DeGroot

I like your new format. So much easier to read the stories. Thank you for all your work.

Mike Hancock

You slid right by the issue of the privatization of Federal campgrounds. This ill-conceived plan will increase the cost of staying in campgrounds, severely restrict the use of discounts such as the senior pass, and be detrimental to the parks themselves. Under no circumstances should Yellowstone be turned into “Geyser World” theme park.
You also missed three important points:
1. National Park Service chief David Bernhardt is an oil industry lobbyist.
2. The plan to do this was not even written by Interior. It was written by the motorized recreation industry (4 wheelers, etc)
3. It is being fast tracked without any public comment.
Is this really representing seniors who rv, and does it represent the interests of those who enjoy the outdoors who are of modest means.
I don’t necessarily have anything against “motorized recreation”, but campgrounds are an economical means of getting away from the noise, congestion and mayhem of everyday life.
The park service having 12 billion in deferred maintenance has a familiar ring. First, starve them of money. Then turn it over to corporate interests so that they can be “saved.”

Jerry Hayes

Love the Sunday newsletter! Keep them coming!


Like the new formats. Keep up the good work.

lyle black

like the new format

Michelle Konst

Love your new Sunday edition!

Tom Smithbrother

I saw an RV parked at my local Walmart with the slides extended. They seem to wish to mess it up for everyone. It always seem to be the most expensive rigs owners that do this type of thing too. The ones who might easily afford a camp ground. In this case less that ten miles away to the parking spot inside of a full service camp ground.

Patrick Granahan

Enjoying your new format and all the additional information.


Over night at Walmarts and other free places
Please don’t pull out your slides and set up your BBQ? If you want to do so, go to a RV Resort.
I witnessed last month at the Missouri Welcome Centre two RVs travelling togther. They took up three plus spots. They parked one apart and set the BBQ with the chairs. Between the two units. They pulled out the slides and set up the stabilizers.
It was a large parking lot with many truckers stopping.
It’s free yes, but how many spots do you have to take up? Why do some think they are entitled to more than one?

Billy Bob Thorton

Like the layout guys, nice job.