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David Selvey
1 year ago

I agree, over time the newsletter has become too long and as you say, ‘are going on and on and on’. Splitting into two has not solved that issue. The two combined are now even longer!

How about more use of headlines with links to full articles readers may be interested in and less duplication. I don’t need to know what I might have missed last week and if I think I might have missed something, I can search for it rather than see it appear in successive newsletter.

How about an audio version we can listen to whilst driving?

More concise please.

1 year ago

What’s the latest on being able to reorder the comments oldest first, newest first, etc.?

1 year ago

The use of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as a remedy to a “Lemon RV” sounds somewhat novel, but effective. All states use the UCC to fal]facilitate business. The RV industry may defeat lemon laws but the UCC will prevail! Truely a victory, no matter how long this takes to resolve,

1 year ago

I always say when in doubt? You Tube it. I found a to die for winterize video and it got me thru it in less then 30 minutes. The first time? I had to go to the hardware store to get a hex nut to undo the water plug. After that no problems. I love you tube. Now to figure out the hot water tank.

1 year ago

Anything to force the RV manufacturers into producing a better quality product,instead of the sorry junk they have been putting out for years,is called Karma.They will never get my hard earned money again.