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Mike Sokol

Just talked to my sister today who lives in Durham, NC, and she says the city is now going to raise and replace the infamous “Can Opener Bridge”. I’ll get pictures from her after it’s all done.

David Levick

As a Canadian, our debt cards are linked to our bank accounts and are basically the same as cash, no money in account, no buyee.

Jerry X Shea

Most people buying food (grocery store) on a Credit Card are “back peddling” into being broke.
If you can’t afford to pay cash or deposit money onto a debt card then you really can’t afford the food you are buying/eating.
YEA. I know, you “pay off the credit card each month.” Face it – NO YOU DON’T.
For over 20 years we have put a fixed amount of money on a special debit card used only for buying food/groceries.
If the 25th of the month comes along and that account is empty – hey, no eating out, bucket of chicken, pizza or anything. Just eat up what we have.
Folks that buy meals off of credit cards suffer financially down the line. That includes the folks that will post me saying “you’re wrong.” Know what you spend on “eating” and it will change your financial life.
P.S. Don’t argue with a 76 year old – “been there, done that.” HA

Mike aka < FISH <

I think you folks hit a MEGA grand slam with the ( NEW ) Sunday edition. Glad I became a member and thanks for the new Sunday edition…it’s fantastic!

< FISH < in Middletown , NY


Re: poll — any time you have a choice, use your debit card’s ability to play credit card instead. Credit cards defer the withdrawal (up to 30 days free interest for you) and most importantly have fraud protections debit cards don’t (you can refute bad charges, and prevent draining your account instantly and irretrievably). I do not use debit cards P.O.S. at all, ever — it’s an ATM card only and shall stay that way.

Lester A Philips

Why in the hell are my comments flagged ‘ Comment awaiting moderation’?

Lester A Philips

CA is the poster child as to why Liberals/Progressives should be no where close to any position of power. Now these ignorant officials in CA are blaming PG&E. If the CA Socialists would allow proper forest management by periodically cleaning out dead, highly flammable, debris, these fires would be less frequent and intense. PG&E might be contributing, but the real problem is CA Socialists preventing any kind of reasonable forest management to take place. The blame is squarely on Sacramento.


I copied the article on the E Bike to someone I found on Facebook who transform regular bikes into E Bikes. If anyone in Michigan has a regular bike and wants an E Bike needs to email me. I won’t give it out here. But the skinny is that the Federal Government recognizes E Bikes and there for the rest of the government institutes needs to follow suit.
Michigan has two trails, one that goes from Lake Michigan to Port Huron. That one is called Lake to Lake trail. The other is the Iron Belle. That one goes from Belle Isle in Detroit to Mackinaw. Both I want to do. The last connection of the Iron Belle is Belleville Michigan. Once done. This trail will connect from SE to North of the Bridge aka Mackinaw. I want to do both but can’t. The E Bike will help me pedal and because of the feds I can now pedal on these trails legal.
As for Camping World it will be a tragic loss for me because I depend on CW to fix our RV. They do a fab job and it will be a crying shame to see them gone. I guess I give up camping if they go away. Great to hear a new campground is being revitalized. If all goes well we could see them in 2021 with me being the first camper. I hope. This was a great news letter.

Marcia Baldwin

Excellent newsletter