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Week of October 26 – November 1, 2019
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Editor’s corner

Who is an “RVer”?

With Chuck Woodbury

California is on fire again. Once again hundreds of thousands of homes are in peril or without power because PG&E and Southern California Edison shut it off to reduce the chance of a power line igniting a fire. PG&E went bankrupt after last November’s Camp Fire that wiped out the town of Paradise and killed at least 85 people. Trouble with a transmission power line started that catastrophic blaze.

I lived in California until about 25 years ago. I know how dry the forests there are in the summer and fall. I know how fast they burn based on four summers fighting fires for the U.S. Forest Service near Lake Tahoe. At this time of year, the fuel moisture in many trees is so low they burn like they’re dead.

Residents with RVs who live in such disaster-prone areas can evacuate their homes with their vehicles and live fairly normally until they can return, hopefully to a home untouched by flames.

I THINK A NEW CLASS OF RVer is on the way: those people who live in these areas who will figure out that having an RV should be an essential item in their survival arsenal. They can pack its refrigerator/freezer with essentials that may go bad at home without power. They’ll have a bed to sleep in, a kitchen, and a heater or air conditioner to keep comfortable. Don’t be surprised to see local RV dealers promote this idea.

As is, the industry continues to pound away with the message that RVing is akin to a wonderful experience with nature. Their commercials show pretty scenes where RVers are camped along ocean beaches and lakes — lounging outside, sipping wine and watching the sun set. Yes, that is true sometimes, but most of the time the view out the RVers’ windows is their next door neighbor’s sewer hookup.

Which makes me wonder. . .

Are people who buy RVs because they cannot afford a home or apartment RVers? Are their interests the same as a young couple with kids who buys a small travel trailer for weekend or summer camping trips at state parks?

How about a homeless person who lives on the streets who manages to one way or another acquire a junker RV and park it on a city street, moving only when the cops say so. No need for a dump station, just pull the valve when nobody’s looking and send it along the curb, then down a storm drain.

How about a worker on temporary assignments for months on end who chooses to buy a fifth wheel trailer rather than rent an apartment with each new assignment? Heck, he can bring his family along, which many do. Are they RVers?

If you pay attention to RVing news you may notice that most of the new RV parks popping up (very often dubbed resorts) are aimed at high-income people. They can afford to pay a half-million dollars (or more) to own a private lot with a personal cabana. Or they can hole up in posh RV parks for $100 a day. What do they have in common with young families who camp summer weekends in a pop-up trailer?

How about RVers who enjoy the sport of squatting for free night after night in Walmart parking lots? That’s a far cry from staying along the beach, sipping wine and watching the sun set.

I believe if you go back a few decades you would find that most people who owned RVs were RV “enthusiasts,” not just people whose homes happened to be a recreational vehicle. To me, the term “RVer” has so many meanings today it’s almost meaningless. It’s like labeling a guy with a rowboat and a guy with a 60-foot yacht both “boaters.”

RV parks these days, with exceptions, are more like trailer parks of old. Twenty years ago when I was asked by RV newbies if it was safe to stay in RV parks, I would answer, “absolutely!” I almost never heard about a serious crime in such a place. Nowadays, type “RV park” into Google News and many of the results will be for assaults, domestic disturbances, burglaries, drug dealing and even murder. Think “seedy trailer park” and you get the idea of what some of these places are like.

Type in “camping” in Google News and a third of the results will be about homeless people “camping” in big cities in tents and dilapidated motorhomes. The term “camping” has splintered into different meanings.

And, with RV park campsites in such short supply, here comes KOA with an announcement last week that it’s turning one of its existing parks into a “glamping resort” — every site a luxury tent that rents for more than $200 a night (some closer to $300). You can’t blame KOA for wanting to respond to the changing market, but where does that leave those RVers who really do use their rigs for travel (as opposed to housing)?

RVs are many things to many people. If I were homeless, an RV would be like a gift from heaven, no matter how old, ugly and beat up. If I were a temporary worker who traveled from town to town and could buy an RV to bring my family along, an RV would be just the thing.

What I am simply saying here is that the term “RVer” means a whole of different things these days, for better or worse. It’s not a big deal, just something to think about.


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Editor’s Roadside Journal

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This week’s ugly campground award. And the winner is. . .

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Ask the RV Shrink

Campground reservation rip-off

Dear RV Shrink:
We just stopped for the night in Red Bluff, CA, at a campground run by the National Forest Service. We drove around, found a site with a tag that said “Open.” Once we were all set up, the host showed up and told us the site was already reserved and that we would have to move to a different site. I pointed out to him the “Open” tag and he said he forgot to change it. Then he went on to say we had to make a reservation and pay online; they don’t take money at an iron ranger anymore….

Read the rest of the question and the RV Shrink’s similar lament.
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Ask the RV Doctor

Quick Q & A on using RV antifreeze

Dear Gary,
I am winterizing my Hi-Lo and am wondering about putting RV antifreeze in the fresh water tank and pumping it through the system. That is what the book says to do, but I don’t know if that is safe. Can I pull off the pump inlet hose and put it directly into the jug of antifreeze and pump it through the lines? —Dave A.

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RV Tax Matters

By Neil Seidler, CPA, CMA

Using an RV for business and tax deductions

Dear Neil,
I use my RV for business. Can I deduct expenses related to using it for business income? Read Neil’s response.

RV Electricity

Surge protector types
and also: Why does my portable generator not power my RV?

Dear Mike,
I have a 2019 Winnebago Minnie Winnie Plus. Is an 825 joules surge protector sufficient protection for this trailer? Many surge protectors are not UL certified. Is it necessary to have a UL certification? Thanks. —Tony Carestia

Read Mike’s response.

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Generator neutral bonding – Part deux. A reader asks Mike why his 2000-watt Honda generator doesn’t power his RV at all.

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RV Travel contributor Mike Sokol is America’s leading expert on RV electricity. Mike has taken his 50+ years of experience to write this book about RV electricity that nearly anyone can understand. Covers the basics of Voltage, Amperage, Wattage and Grounding, with additional chapters on RV Hot-Skin testing, GFCI operation, portable generator hookups and troubleshooting RV electrical systems. This should be essential reading for all RVers. Learn more or order.

RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: New truck with old trailer – sway (stability) issues

Roger Marble was asked by the moderator of an RV trailer forum to jump in on the topic of stability issues when towing a loaded old trailer with a loaded new truck. He thought the info might be of interest to our readers. Read more.

Building an RV Park

Exciting things are happening here!

From Machelle James: Oh, exciting things are happening here in Heber-Overgaard! First and foremost, we finally received the site plan from the engineers that we liked! It made much more sense and we changed two of the roads to two-way roads! Now it flows so much better and will be easier for our campers to navigate. We also added two corral campsites to our plan: one for 3-4 RVs and one for 6-7 RVs. Read more.

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Carnival Bulgur Salad

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The Digital RVer

How do you force Google Maps to go the way you want?

Google Maps is navigating and telling you to go one way but you want to go a different way. What do you do? Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour, explains here.

Come into the light!
RV Travel Newsletter Issue 891Our favorite electricity guy, Mike Sokol, uses this Caterpillar pocket light for just about everything. He writes, “I bought one of these CAT CY1000 Pocket COB Lights a few months ago and liked it so much that I also picked up one for my dad. I’ve dropped it a bunch of times, and it still keeps working, like any of the other tough-as-nails CAT products.” It easily clips on to your belt, shirt pocket, or anything magnetic, so you can work hands-free. Learn more or order.

Reader letters

Why is my pet not allowed at certain RV parks?

Dear editor:
Why is it so many RV parks don’t allow certain breeds of dogs when they know nothing of the dogs? I feel it is discriminatory against me and my pets and am not allowed into many different parks due to the breed of dog I have especially since in many states it is illegal to discriminate against pit bulls? —James Hanna

Answer by Andy Zipser, owner of Walnut Hills Campground and RV Park in Staunton, Virginia.

Dear James,
The short version is that it all comes down to perceived liability. I know when I fill out my annual insurance application I have to answer several questions about risk, one of them being whether we have breed restrictions on the dogs we allow. We don’t, but someone worried about his overall risk profile may decide to hedge his bets by banning aggressive breeds. My insurance agent tells me that specific breeds tend to be targeted more by homeowner’s policies than commercial policies, like ours, but there may be exceptions. And, by the way, New York State has the country’s highest claims in dog bite incidents, averaging $50,000 apiece.

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Paul W Ball (@guest_55051)
4 years ago

I recently stayed at McKinney Creek Campground in Acworth, GA. This is a COE property. The next morning we left at 6:15a.m. for an appointment, only to find we were locked in. Yes, there were signs stating the gate opened at 7:00a.m. but never once did I entertain the thought that this was the “exit” gate. We asked the host to unlock the gate and he was very agitated. I emailed my concern to the COE office and they stated it was for the campers safety. How could locking me “in” possibly be safe for me. Yes they will open for emergencies but at the best, an emergency could be compromised and/or delayed whether exiting or the emergency crew entering. What about a forest fire? There are a multitude of possibilities. I’m not sure they can legally lock someone in. I’ve asked and hope COE will re-evaluate this policy.

Mike Albert (@guest_54834)
4 years ago

The contest for 10/26 asking about Costco chicken weight does not have a correct answer. The average weight is between 2.5 and 3 pounds. All if the answers provided are incorrect.

Jim (@guest_54935)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Correct Mike….same for chickens at Walmart, HEB, etc. Guess they dont want to award a winner. Haha

Dave B. (@guest_55061)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

And Google says 3 pounds too !!

WEB (@guest_55072)
4 years ago
Reply to  Mike Albert

Whew… I thought I was going to be alone with the “3lb answer”.

Stay cool

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