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Readers share their RV insurance experiences

Because we have been hearing some horror stories about insurance companies using ANY possible excuse to deny a claim, last week we asked you if you had experience with this.

The answers and experiences you, our readers, had were varied but the very first one we got was from someone who carries no RV insurance at all! We highly suggest remedying this as, if you get in an accident, you could lose everything and you would find yourself 100% on the hook.

Beyond that, we did receive some good responses to this question, both positive and negative. A lot of you were like Jim R., who, in 50 years of RVing, has never had the need to put in a claim. Others were not so lucky.

But most surprising of all to us was that more of the answers were from people who actually had positive experiences dealing with their RV insurance agencies!

Truthfulness is key

Telling your RV insurance company the truth about your RV activities might end up costing more in the short run, but will keep you safer in the long run. For instance, we have heard of full-timers who try to keep this fact from their insurance company. In today’s world, you won’t be able to hide it should there ever be a problem.

Jim J. sent in a great comment about the importance of being straight with your insurance company and how it paid off.

“First and foremost, I tell the truth on our insurance applications. Those statements are generally covered in the first round of claim questions and adjusters are trained HOW to ask those questions. We are Michiganders but leave our large RV trailer in a Texas RV park year-round as a seasonal residence (and travel with a smaller RV trailer). Many insurers wouldn’t issue a policy, and ours inserted our Michigan address (where the RV is registered) and put those physical location details in their comments area. It paid off. We had a water damage claim last year with $7K to replace our kitchen slide-out floor. After a discussion with us, and the report by our licensed mobile repair service, the company quickly issued a check (less deductible) to the repair service. The work was done after our return to Michigan and our repair service did a great job.”

Kit V. adds:

“Our carrier knows we are full-timers and covers our rig and contents. We have had one claim (awning). They sent an appraiser out within a few days, and the check was in the mail. Only claim we’ve had so far, but easy peasy. Love our insurance agent.”

Sometimes the insurance company is the good guy!

“I had a different experience than your question. I damaged my rubber roof just before winter freeze up here in northern Canada. Thought I could repair it myself in the spring. In the spring it was apparent that it was much worse than I anticipated. Despite the then-expired policy, a belated claim, and in a different country, the insurance company replaced the rubber roof on my 32-foot fifth. Restored my faith in the insurance industry.”
—Leonard B.

“This is a good insurance story. We were pulling our Grand Design 32’ trailer on the Natchez Trace Parkway going from Arizona to Canada and got a blown tire that tore out our brake and driving lights on the trailer. We called the insurance company and had no problems. They paid for the repairs and a new tire. I decided to change the remaining three trailer tires. On the way home I ran over something that cut into two of the brand-new tires. My insurance paid for two new tires with no problem.”
—David B.

“In 35 years of having RVs we have only one time we needed to make an insurance claim due to a blowout on a TT we had that did $3,500 damage to our trailer. It was covered with no problem.”
—Steve M.

“I have not had an RV insurance claim denied. I have only had one insurance claim on our motorhome, my catalytic converter was stolen. State Farm covered the entire cost of the replacement (minus our $100 deductible) quickly and with no questions asked. I’m a happy camper.”
—Mark N.

Sometimes you have to fight for your rights

Our first motorhome was insured through Good Sam back in 2010. After it was damaged by a tornado, we had a very difficult time getting the actual insurance, which turned out to be GMAC, to take care of the damage. It took about two months to get it settled. They finally paid for repairs.
—Roger E.

Get paid one way or another

“Had an engine injector fail within the Mercedes powertrain warranty period, outside the Tiffin motorhome warranty. The insurance company denied all expenses associated with the repair, claiming that the manufacturer’s warranty cleared them of any responsibility. Costs not covered included towing, hotel, rental car and food, totaling a couple of thousand dollars. The Mercedes warranty paid for the engine repair, thankfully.”
—Jim D.

What does it take and how long?

“We weren’t denied a claim. We even had a claim number, but the adjuster never showed up. After numerous calls, we were finally asked for pictures. Then we were asked to get estimates. Three weeks went by and we called and were told, “An adjuster will be coming.” Three more weeks, “Will you take pictures and get an estimate?” I made the repairs myself and tried to submit an invoice. No reply from anyone. We sold the RV. A year later an adjuster called. We no longer have insurance with that insurance company.”
—Richard H.

The insurance paid the claim but…

“My insurance company paid my claims promptly but then refused to renew my policy even though the claims were only about what I paid them that year.”
—Horse S.

These folks WERE Denied

“We were denied coverage for a wind-destroyed roof on a 2001 Winnebago by Nationwide Insurance. Reason for denial: Old age and the method of construction by Winnebago.”
—Larry M.

“We were denied extended warranty on the replacement of a seized grey water valve and cable to the tune of $500.”
—Paul P.

Good Sam insurance denied 1/2 our claim saying I admitted fault. We were in a federal bird refuge at dusk and ran into a gravel mound in the center of the road. It was unmarked and we were driving less than 10 MPH. It pushed the radiator back into the fan. They paid for towing and parts but not the rental car or motel charges.”
—Dave F.

“About three or four years after I got my Arctic Fox trailer, the leaf springs on one axle broke on one side. I had to have it towed to a repair shop and the company that sold the extended warranty was contacted. I had a trip booked in about three weeks, so I told the repair shop to fix it. The axle was also bent and had to be replaced. The warranty company denied the claim because I had told them to make the repairs and they claimed that they were unable to verify that the axle wasn’t bent when the trailer was new!”
—Tom M.



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Jeff Craig
6 days ago

I’ve had three claims in 15 years, all with Progressive (I also have a separate policy for my cars through them). My rates have dropped a bit each year, even though I had a claim for a storm wrecked awning, a broken windshield from road debris, and most recently a stolen catalytic converter. When I consider changing my policy to someone else, I can’t complain, because Progressive has always taken care of me.

kevin parker
7 days ago

Progressive raised my TT insurance rate by $240 almost 40% this year. Anyone else see a big increase. My use did not change max 30 days. TT about 6 yrs old. Stored in storage area.

Charles Davis
7 days ago

Why not list the insurance company and let them see the publicity!
Just no scams, etc, just the truth, also no bs please.

Bob M
7 days ago
Reply to  Charles Davis


Earl Balentine
7 days ago
Reply to  Bob M

I just checked out the “Otto” cheap insurance finder. Fake customers saying they were paying $150 a month and now thru “Otto” they have the same insurance for $38 a month. Just another scam. When you complete the “Otto” questionnaire they just have 20 insurance company’s calling you for your business. There’s other websites that do exactly the same thing. I don’t need 6 different State Farm agents calling me.

Cheri Sicard
6 days ago
Reply to  Charles Davis

If the person shared that info, I did too, if they didn’t, not much I could do about it.

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