Thursday, September 28, 2023


Safety reminder: Fire on rural highway destroys fifth wheel trailer

This was posted on our Facebook group RV Crashes and Disasters, where members show photos and tell about their personal RV “disasters.” Other members weigh in about how each situation may have happened and the outcome.

Probably the most frequent posting is about an RV fire. This is the latest posted. Even though this one happened eight years ago, the same scene repeats itself over and over. Members of the group learn one important lesson with each fire photo published, and that is to keep their RVs in good working order to minimize a fire ever starting — and if one does start, to evacuate the rig immediately if the flames cannot be doused in a matter of seconds (not minutes). We have not mentioned the name of the RVer who experienced this disaster. Fortunately, he and his wife were not injured.

The fifth wheel was already toast before the fire department arrived.

The post:
“This was in 2015. My wife and I were one day from home after an eight month road trip around the country. My wife needed to use the facilities so I pulled off the road. After getting out she ran back to the truck to tell me she smelled smoke. So I ran back and saw no flames but definitely smoke.

“I opened the front compartment and the flames shot out like a gun. I told my wife to see if the hydraulics still worked so I could get the truck off. They did and I did.

“We pulled away about 100 yards or so. We never knew what caused it. The fire chief said there was no way of knowing. I heard the propane tops blow well after the fire started. Heard a small explosion which I believe was my bar. Some good booze in there.

“We were in the middle of nowhere [near Ely, Nevada] and the fire department showed up about an hour after we called them. The highway patrol came later. They said they were delayed because there was some cattle on the road.

“The fire chief asked me after he got there if I had a bicycle on the back. I said I had two. He said he only found one wheel.

“The funniest part was the insurance company said they wouldn’t pay without the door keys. I had another pair. Lost my butt on it.”

“We continued to RV for another 7 years or so.”



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Neal Davis
9 days ago

I agree with Wayne Dyer and Jouce, I am very intetested in knowing the name of their insurance company.

I also am thankful that they survived the fire and were able to save the truck and not be stranded in addition to losing their RV and all that was inside it.

Wayne Dyer
10 days ago

I guess the insurance company needed the door keys so if they find the door they can unlock it. Why else would they need the keys to a melted or burned off door? Did they ever get the keys? Did they ever find the door? Any door?
What’s the name of the insurance company? We all might want to look extra hard for coverage outside of this company.

11 days ago

I would sure like the name of their insurance company to make sure I avoided them.

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