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Stinky sewer dump? Try this to seal the smell away!


By Nanci Dixon
In the heat of Arizona summers, the sewer dump connection at our campsite had warped enough that our sewer hose elbow fitting just didn’t fit. A sewer hose that doesn’t fit tightly allows sewer gases to escape and, worse yet, makes the odor when dumping the black water tanks close to unbearable. It was rather embarrassing.

I tried putting a rock on top of the dump elbow – no good, although I do think it successfully directed the smell toward our open motorhome windows rather than our neighbors.sewer seal

I found this sewer adapter hose seal that provides a simple solution to literally “plug” the hole and securely hold a sewer hose adapter. The seal easily inserted into the ground dump connection and our bayonet elbow fit snugly in it. Whew! Smell averted, and now a breath of fresh air … both literally and figuratively!

sewer sealRead about two of our other favorite black tank dumpin’ gadgets here.


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2 months ago

I used one similar to this for years – until in my haste to clear the dump station for others waiting I forgot to take it out! I have another and I keep it in the utility bay in a closed coffee can. I wash it up when I get the next chance or at home.

My wife shares in the dumping process by holding her foot on the 90 deg. elbow into the ground tank – haven’t had a spill yet!

Larry Lee
4 months ago

I have used this easily and successfully on several campsites sewer pipes. Just yesterday I came across the first failure to seal. It was an older style sewer conection with an attached lid that flips open on a hinge and has no inside threads. None of the “steps” on the rubber would fit snugly and the connection promptly fell out even before emptying the tank (thankfully). I added my homemade sewer pig (2 full 1 liter water bottles strapped together with rope and used to apply weight to the hose) and all was fine. Something new everyday in RVing.

Robert Patrick McBride
1 year ago

This thing works, easy to use clean & is lightweight.

1 year ago

This idea has been around for many years. It is a rubber donut with the same steps to “seal” the sewer connection to the hose. I have had one for several years. I have been to campgrounds where you had to use them. But it is a good idea to get one and carry it. Cheaper to buy in advance than at cg!

1 year ago

Seen these at the local Wally World the other day and wondered if it might work. Think I’ll give one a try.

1 year ago

Is this a separate thing that attaches to your screw-in sewer hose attachment?

Last edited 1 year ago by PennyPA
1 year ago
Reply to  PennyPA

I use this. You push your sewer hose in it and push the other side into the sewer connection. Its rubber so pushing on it ( for both sides) makes a tight seal. Its tapered, i have not come across anywhere it did not fit. It eliminated trying to screw on the sewer hose to the parks connection which often was either the wrong size, at a weird angle, too close to the ground. or had dirt and sand making it so hard to connect. Just make sure the tabs are where you can grab them when you get ready to disconnect.

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