Monday, September 26, 2022


See wild ride of stolen motorhome via live TV

Here’s a short highlight of a long police chase recorded from the air of a stolen motorhome that had been purchased with a stolen driver’s license from Giant RV in Downey, California.

The motorhome involved in a frightening pursuit Tuesday left at least three people hospitalized and a trail of wrecked cars in the San Fernando Valley.

The chain of events that led to the chase traces back to January, when Luz Sanchez’s purse was stolen in a Granada Hills parking lot. Sanchez said she learned the motorhome was purchased using her stolen identity when she received phone calls from police who thought she was the registered owner of the large RV.

The woman behind the wheel of the stolen RV was identified as 52-year-old Julie Ann Rainbird, who was taken into custody after the final crash in Tarzana.

Watch the video from NBC-4 and weep!


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3 years ago

The way that front end disintegrated makes me happy I drive a class C with a Ford front end and airbags.

Dry Creek
3 years ago

What brand RV? Timex? That thing took a lickin’ and just kept tickin’!
It was just amazing how much abuse that machine endured, and yet it kept blazing a path of destruction. May the idea to propose one as an “Urban Assault Vehicle” wasn’t so far-fetched as it seemed in that comedy movie from so long ago….

3 years ago

I had assumed that the rv had been stolen from an rver or family. I am actually relieved to know it was not someone’s personally owned rv. It is still a horrible event, many people were injured and vehicles damaged, lives disrupted. The poor dogs also went thru horrors at her hands. I was yelling at the TV when this was on the news, cursing the idiotic driver!!!

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