Monday, November 28, 2022


Sewer hose on the picnic table. Why?


Reader Bob Godfrey sent this photo. It appears there’s a tablecloth over the picnic table. Even so, why would anyone hang a sewer hose over a picnic table to begin with? Did the RVers remove the hose when they sat down for a meal? If so, did it maybe drip a little? Did the hose remain when the tablecloth was removed? Whatever the case, just the sight of the hose stretched across a table where people eat is disgusting. 


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5 years ago

I’ve seen this, as well as people laying their fresh water hose on the ground after unhooking it!! We don’t ever eat at the picnic tables that might be at the site. It is amazing the careless things you see other RV-er’s do! Just shake your head and wonder how they have survived.

Terry Riddle
5 years ago

I saw this identical same thing at Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach 3 days ago. I quit using provided picnic tables last year.

Kevin Hogle
5 years ago

Seley has it right. Completely inconsiderate behavior. Loud unruly kids in restaurants, loud parents, loud stereos, no discipline in our society. That’s why we have so many rules, regulations, and nanny items. We need self discipline and concern for others or we will implode as a country. Sad.

Rita Monat
5 years ago

More than once in 13 years of full-timing have seen sewer hoses on bare picnic tables; left there to dry after hosing them off on the picnic table! We never use picnic tables in campgrounds to eat off of.

5 years ago

I once watched as a man rinsed his black water hose at the fresh water spiket touching the spiket with the hose end. Now the next RVer hooks up his fresh water hose not knowing. People are selfish.

The Gypsy's
5 years ago

I think we camped (briefly) next to those folks last winter. They only stayed a couple of days after they had a dump hose come off and hoed them down

5 years ago

The solution to the sewer hose issue is really pretty simple, (not the list Seley mentioned) is to have your sewer hose permanently connected on the coach end with a shut off nozzle on the other. You rarely see anyone spilling gas. Make this standard on all RVs and the problem of Waste Management goes away for all of us. The campground owners would save a ton of money and maybe help keep our nightly fees down.

5 years ago

Gross! Sadly, it is not unusual to see even worse. I’m thinking about the messy residue i have often found at dump stations, bits of shredded toilet paper and who knows what else. Well, actually I guess we all know what else. Last year while dumping my tanks at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, I found and hosed into the drain several large [approx. 2″] dried out chunks of poop someone had just dumped and left on the pavement.

Rusty Austin
5 years ago

It was ever thus. These people have been around since the Ancient Sumerians camped out on the shores of the Nile…

Pat Shiner
5 years ago

Ignorant people! We have seen this practice before and we rarely see men glove up before handling sewer equipment.

Danny Wells
5 years ago

Disgusting, the only word for the act and the person who did it. He, she, it must have been raised in a cesspool.

5 years ago

Just more evidence that we hAve become a population of selfish non thinking people. While it may have been mire cumbersome to handle their peoblem with the sewer hose properly. It was a selfish inconsiderate thing to do. This trait u. Us is magnified in RVing. Loud music. Noisy generators. Barking dogs. The list goes on. selfishness and inconsideration is the mindset today. Makes you wonder who raised some of these people

Edward Price
5 years ago

The grass appears to be well-fertilized and watered.

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