Thursday, October 28, 2021


Miss your sewing machine? This one was practically made for an RV!

By Nanci Dixon
When we became full-time RVers we got rid of a five-bedroom house and 40 years’ worth of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. I liked to sew and had two sewing machines, one a 1940’s Necchi boat anchor in a cabinet and a smaller portable Brother machine. I could not envision hauling even the portable one around, so, sadly, out they went.

Within the first year in the RV, I missed them, particularly when my husband was asking for a rip mended or a button sewed on. The day he said he needed a pair of dress pants taken in, I gave in. I needed a sewing machine. I started looking for a lightweight, very small option.

I was delighted to find beginners’ (read: kids’) sewing machines on Amazon. I did have to read the descriptions and reviews carefully as some didn’t go in reverse, had only one stitch length, ran on batteries only, or had bad reviews.

I settled on this little one. It fits on our closet shelf, only weighs a few pounds, and can zig-zag, reverse, and straight stitch. It’s an impressive little machine! Now, don’t get me wrong. In no way is it as robust as a “real” machine and threading can be a bit finicky, but it does quick mends, hems, and the occasional blown-out seam.

If you have someone special in your life who has been missing their machine, this might make a great gift…



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Vanessa Simmons
11 months ago

I have heard of a couple that have a toy hauler, he brings his 4 wheeler and once it is out of the garage her quilting room moves in complete with frame.

Joni Weed
11 months ago

In our 40′ fifth wheel we took out one of the couches in the den and, voila, a sewing room in the slideout! Now when we leave for a month or more Lumi {my brother Luminair embroidery/sewing machine) nestles in.

11 months ago

I actually have two sewing machines – my featherweight that my mom gave me and my quilting/sewing machine. Sure, it adds to the weight, but dh also knew I wouldn’t RV without them – or my fabric stash for that matter! Happy wife…

11 months ago

I cant imagine not having my Sewing machine – it is essential for me…and not a kiddie one. Other things were left behind….not that. 

11 months ago

We carry my wife’s old Singer. Needs a tune-up but it works well. I’m remodeling the storage area to allow some more stuff to go underneath…or donated. Maybe then we can move some more stuff…

Anne Oelke
11 months ago

Better yet, get a Singer FeatherWeight. just a straight stitch, but it will do a wonderful job for mending and for piecing quilts. Lightweight, portable and durable. Be sure to get an original FeatherWeight (model 221), not a modern repro.

2 months ago
Reply to  Anne Oelke

I love my Featherweight, but in no way does the price compare with the machine in the article. For quick mending, hemming, I suspect the little plastic one will do the job. For we quilters and long-time sewing fanatics it would be like asking hubby to fish with a toy pole!

11 months ago

When my wife and I got married in 75, one of the gifts ( from my Mom) was a very portable Singer sewing machine. It’s a Singer GeNie (in 70s flower children script). We didn’t expect it to last very long, all plastic, but, it’s held to the Singer portable sewing machine tradition and keeps on working no matter what. It inhabits space in our clothes closet along with my musical instruments.

11 months ago

I never leave home without my sewing machine, it’s my sanity anchor

11 months ago

We redesigned our interior so wife would have a sturdy table for her sewing machines. One at a time, of course.