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Kwikee Entry Steps repair diagnosis and maintenance tips

My repair facility recently worked on 2019 Entegra Vision. The customer had one issue for us to fix: their Kwikee Entry Steps.


Customer states that the entry steps were intermittently not going in and out and progressively got worse. The steps finally quit working altogether and have remained in the same position. Check and advise.


Bad motor and gearbox.

Notes from the technician: Found the fuse was blown. Replaced the fuse and freed the step motor and gearbox. With the actuator disconnected, ran the assembly and used a voltage meter to test. Noted voltage would drop from 12.6 to 11.9. Used an amp clamp and found the motor pulling 18 amps and then blowing the fuse. Hooked the actuator back up and had the assembly pull the step. Found the gearbox skipping and finally blowing the fuse. Need to remove and replace the step motor and gearbox with new.


Removed and replaced the motor and gearbox with new ones. Function tested entry steps multiple times. All is OK at this time.

Price breakdown

Labor: $350.00
Parts: $262.74
Freight: $12.50
Sales Tax: $21.68
Total: $646.92

Prevention and maintenance

  • My first recommendation is pretty obvious: Make sure you are not driving the vehicle with the entry step in the extended position. Driving with the step extended puts you at risk for impact damage, and it can cause major damage to the entry step and the coach (not to mention objects or people nearby).
  • Don’t overload the step assembly. Check the owner’s manual for your entry steps to see the weight restrictions. This particular model can safely support up to 300 lbs.
  • Do not hold the switch in for longer than it takes to either extend or retract the step or damage to the motor will result.
  • My repair facility takes in 3 to 5 units on a daily basis. I often see customers open their door and immediately walk up or down their steps without allowing enough time for the steps to fully extend. Allowing enough time for your steps to extend is vital to extend their life.
  • Step assembly lubrication. Lubricate all moving parts (bearings, pivot points, slides, clevis pin, and drive linkage ball) every 30 days with a good-quality moisture and heat-resistant penetrating grease.
    • Kwikee KwikLube Spray Grease is specially formulated to lubricate Kwikee Electric Steps.
    • Silicone lubricants and WD-40 are NOT recommended for use. These have a tendency to evaporate and dry the mating surfaces which leaves them vulnerable to the elements.

Support documents

Do you have Kwikee entry steps and need more information? Lippert has a wonderful resource of support documentation. Click HERE to obtain manuals, quick reference sheets, technical information and videos.

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1 month ago

Warning, Alert, Caution: Make sure to be aware of the steps while performing any sort of maintenance……if they unexpectently open or close they have the ability to crush a hand or cut off a finger….they are merciless!

1 month ago
Reply to  Larry

You are absolutely right Larry! They can be dangerous especially if someone else is assisting and does something to activate the step with your hands or arm anywhere in the mechanism. Thanks for pointing it out – Sorry I forgot to mention it.

1 month ago

Any Do-It-Yourself person can check and repair or replace Kwikee auto steps in about 1 to 2 hours and for about $15.00 to $60.00 depending on the problem. Just be sure you don’t mix up the wires as that can and will blow the expensive electronic control module. Check EBay and with salvage yards for identical parts for your model step and Rv. Repair manuals are available and YouTube is always there!

martin a
1 month ago

Kinda makes me ok with my manual steps on our trailer.

Bill K
1 month ago

My ’05MH Kwikee steps quit retracting. A member on my owners forums suggested to remove the white switch on the door jamb (about the size of a dime), and place a strong magnet against it. Steps retracted! I worked the switch a few times with the magnet then replaced the switch. Problem fixed.

Bob p
1 month ago

I had a 2002 MH that the step motor went bad, I ordered a new motor, hooked up exactly as the old one. When the door opened the steps retracted, when closed they extended. Calling the factory I found an engineering change had been made in the wiring and now it operated in reverse. To simplify my problem I interrupted the electricity with a toggle switch that I could shut it off in whatever position I wanted it. When I sold it a thorough explanation to the new buyer was acceptable, I just eliminated the auto feature. I couldn’t take it to the local dealer because they couldn’t find an A/C leak in three times and $237 in parts and labor. Lol

1 month ago

Our Kwikee steps randomly run in and out as we travel down the road. Not continually, but very random. Major distraction. I’ve contemplated installing a separate definitive off and on switch just to stop the random operation.

1 month ago
Reply to  tom

If I had your problem (random in and out) I would tap in to the hot or ground wire with a switch to shut it off while on the road, if there is not one there already. Happy Trails

Tom B
1 month ago

I think seeing a average of 4 per day in a single shop is over 1400 per year in a single shop is an indicator of a product that could use a bit of reengineering. Multiply that by the number of repair shops in the US, and it indicates we don’t have a product, but SHOULD have a law suit.

Mine is having this same issue. I was advised it has to do with voltage coming into the control module. Maybe its just something that should be replaced.

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