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Need more space in the RV kitchen? These will save you space, time and money

By Kate Doherty
Like to bake or cook but don’t have room for bulky bakeware? These might be the perfect small-space solution and give you more space in the RV kitchen.

Professional chefs have been using silicone baking sheets for years. They’re great for making everything from high-temperature sticky candy to cookies you don’t want to burn on the bottom. Silicone baking sheets earn their reputation of easy to use and store. And cleanup is a breeze – just use soap and water.

Whether it’s Toll House chocolate chip cookies or reheating a piece of pizza, these baking sheets work equally well in the convection oven and microwave – a major advantage over metal bakeware. And you can take them from the freezer right to the oven. They’ll withstand temperatures up to 480° F.

I use the small sheet for quick reheating in the microwave and when using the convection oven, as it fits perfectly on the ceramic turntable.

More uses for silicone baking sheets

1. The silicone baking sheets replace parchment paper and/or aluminum foil – and you don’t have to grease them.

2. They save space and make your kitchen more eco-friendly.

3. The ruler guides make spacing and portions similar, especially when making candy and cookies.

4. Use a second sheet on top to roll or knead dough, or for keeping the dough from puffing.

5. When traveling, they will keep items on your counter from sliding if placed beneath.

What can I make on them?

  1. As mentioned, cookies, candy, chocolate designs, etc.

2. Pizza. Get rid of those big, bulky baking sheets. You don’t need them anymore with a silicone baking sheet!

3. Roasted veggies (including potatoes!).

4. Meat and/or seafood. Throw your salmon fillets and your asparagus on the same mat. Voila!

These sheets may not improve your culinary skills, but they will certainly reduce the use of bulky bakeware. Saving space in your RV, saving money (think of all that foil, parchment paper and money on bakeware you’ll save!), and making cleanup easier? What could be better? You can find all types (and shapes and sizes) of silicone baking mats here.


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Kathy J Underwood
1 year ago

Not sure I am reading this correctly — but do you use these sheets WITHOUT a cookie sheet when baking cookies. I understand the idea of not using parchment paper or tin foil, but I guess my thinking is that it might be difficult to pull just the sheet out of the oven without the hard surface of a cookie sheet, etc.

Cheryl Bacon
1 year ago

Same thing I was thinking, you need some stability for the mats. Certain foods, sure you could probably get away with no pan underneath, but be careful the food doesn’t just slide right off onto the floor.

1 year ago

Silicone everything. Baking sheets, muffin sheets, pot holders, baking utensils(spatulas). Saved space and they don’t slide all over. Find a container with a lid and store anywhere. And a collapsable measuring cup.

Last edited 1 year ago by Skip
Cheryl Bacon
1 year ago
Reply to  Skip

I agree. The collapsible silicone is the best stuff for an RV, apartment, any small living space. Between the Collapse-It, Progressive and Squish brands, they have a person covered in the kitchen and limited space.

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