Simple shade cuts temperatures inside your RV


By Jim Twamley


One of the easiest ways to stay cool in your RV is to extend your awning. Reflecting the sun away and shading one side of your RV really cuts down on the heat.

To make your rig even more enjoyable add a curtain to your awning tube. You can roll these up with your awning or remove them, fold them up and stow them until the next use. You can tie the curtains down or just let them flap in the breeze. Either way, they will provide you with more pleasant temperatures during the dog days of summer.

When the wind comes up I always roll up my main awning because I’ve seen too many RV awnings ripped by the wind. However, I usually leave my window awnings down in light to moderate wind because they don’t have as much surface area as the main awning. You can also have snap-on window covers made that will even stand up to heavy wind. Window covers and awnings are an important asset in lowering the inside temperature of your RV.

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