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Will Irish Spring soap repel rodents from your RV?

RVers employ a variety of methods to keep mice and other rodents away from their RVs. They may claim that because they put Bounce dryer sheets in their RV’s storage compartments and other nooks and crannies that they never have a rodent problem. Unfortunately, they never have any real evidence to back up their claims.

The problem is, they may not have had a problem anyway without the sheets. And while some RVers swear this technique works, others report the creatures just use the sheets to make their nests.

Another popular method of keeping rodents away is by placing Irish Spring soap in areas where the creatures might inhabit. Some RVers swear this works. Alas, others say it does no good at all. Again, nobody ever has any evidence.

Until now. Finally, someone has conducted a scientific test to see if Irish Spring really does keep rodents away, in this case rats. Watch this short video and, with a hidden camera placed in a barn near some appetizing treats, see if the Irish Spring right next to it sends the creatures scurrying away.

Fascinating …Thanks to Don and Carol C. from Fairbanks, Alaska, for telling us about this video.


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  1. While I have never used Irish Spring to try to repel rodents in my RV’s, I can report that mice LOVE to chew on the stuff and deficcate all over the area it’s in.

    Was on a hunting lease that had a very old farm house on it. A bar of Irish Spring left out by the kitchen sink was heavily chewed on and covered in droppings in just a week while no one was there. I’d go so far as to say it’s an attractant!!!

    Some other soap brands went untouched…Ivory and Lava for example. Made me wonder if the strong scents put in some soaps are actually appealing to rodents. ???

  2. The soap did NOT WORK for us in North East Ohio. I use peppermint oil and electronic rodent plugins in the living areas. In basement compartments peppermint oil, moth balls and one plugin in the compartment were the utilities are. Works well for us.

  3. 5 years ago we parked our 40′ MH in a service lot awaiting parts for repairs. Took 3 months & we had evidence of mice when we got it back. Sticky traps cleared out the mice quickly. (Checked the traps every morning and released them alive at great distance using joy detergent). Followed up with chunks of Irish Spring throughout the coach plus fresh sticky traps. Have not had another mouse or evidence of mice since despite more repairs and parking in other service lots. Do I think the Irish Spring works? NO. So what did work? I never went to that original repair/service location again plus we now live in the MH full-time.

  4. We had rats under the hood in two cars in my truck chewed the wiring caused all kinds of lights to come on on the dash. Cost us several thousand $ for repair!
    Like everyone else, tried dryer sheets tried the Irish Spring soap tried mothballs, didn’t work. What seemed to help was lifting the hood and having a light under there. What really helped was getting a couple of cats; seems the mice and rats have a very keen sense of smell this keeps him alive and the cat odor drives them away👍

  5. If I know there are vermin around, I’m not interested in “repelling” them. I surround our truck and trailer with mouse and rat traps, and not the ‘friendly kind’ either. It’s all-out war and I intend to win.

    • Release them from the sticky trap with dish soap? When I found one dead in my garage years ago (stuck in a sticky trap) I used my wire cutters anf cut off his “little feet” and reused that sticky trap. Not morbid, he was dead and didn’t need them anymore anyway!

      • We use every kind of trap available in our garage. Sticky paper, common snap traps, and boxes with only one-way ‘doors’. I wish we still had our cats . . . “Bite they tiny heads off, nibble on they tiny feet”. 🙂

  6. We also tried Irish Spring and found it did not work, so we now use peppermint oil and it does work! You can find these small bottles in Walmart in the medicine isles. We put a few drops on cotton balls and place them in each bay in our coach. No more mice droppings, etc. We had plenty while in Yellowstone and were glad to rid the bays of them!

  7. I used to use Irish Spring Soap in a previous trailer, and found exactly what the video showed. The mice ate the soap and defecated on it, and around it. This present 5th wheel trailer, I bought brand new in 2017, and I use Lavender wash crystals, and place them in several aluminum individual pie plates throughout the trailer, and scatter downy sheets throughout the trailer, on the floor, chairs, bed couch. I have never had a problem since, and when I check the trailer at least once a month, when it is in storage, it does smell nice. Thanks

  8. Wood Rats chewing through fuel lines. HELP! Our towing and repair bills are ridiculous. Not the first time. Anybody found something to prevent them getting under the hood.
    We keep hood up 24/7 with lights shining bright.
    Ready to throw in towel and give up RVing.

  9. When I lived in South America many years ago, I was the only guy anyone knew who didn’t have cockroaches in his apartment. People were amazed. No sprays, no traps. My secret? I kept the place scrupulously clean. Not that it applies to mice, but I found it interesting.

  10. Thank you very much for your help. What about mint? I buy mint anti rodent bags every year for the campers. Do you have findings in mint? Thank you

  11. Irish spring Formula appears to have changed in the last few years. Rodents did not eat it before. Do not use it any more


  12. No soap— I have had a very busy trap line going for 8 years- no otter, beaver or mink- Jiffy PB. slathered over those suckers- Get 5 or 6 and roast them over the barbee- Yummy- Montana pork-

  13. I found the perfect solution to mice! I store my trailer in a 30X50 building and mice have always been a problem. About a month ago I found a 4 foot snake skin going into the storage bin. Last week I was in the building and out crawled a 4.5 foot black rat snake. No more mice!!

  14. Another urban RV myth. Dryer sheet, Irish spring, all baloney. For every one that says it does, the ones that get chewed apart tell you the others just didn’t have a mouse problem in that particular season. To think otherwise defies logic. Some nice in some states don’t like the taste, lol.

    The only proven scent that for what ever reason keeps them away is lion urine. Albeit I’m not headed to the zoo to try and collect Some! If somebody, wanted to synthesize the repellent compound in that stuff, they just reinvented the mouse trap.

    But, bad news, they won’t, you know why, guess how much is spent worldwide on mouse control. It’s billions.

  15. Irish Spring didn’t work for us either. Had them in the floor ducts, behind the cabinets and in the basement compartments. Ended up using some traps. Sticky traps worked the best but it was a last resort. 🙁

    • If you keep it in a covered area, look into the 5 gal. Bucket traps. Fill it with RV antifreeze, that stuff gets em drunk, then they drown. More humane, swim in booze, then pass out and drown. 🙂

  16. We tried Irish Spring – didn’t work, have a video just like the one here….also tried Fresh Cab, Bounce, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lemon soap, coyote urine (yikes! it stinks!), traps baited with peanut butter or cheese or bacon, electronic traps, electronic repellers, you name it we tried it. The only thing that has helped (but not cured) is poison bait (sorry folks, had to do it) and sticky traps….

  17. I follow the mouse trap Monday gentleman . He is good for debunking myths. Things I’ve tried are ultra sonic ,fresh cab , moth balls, Irish spring . None of them worked for me . I’m sure theirs people that say they work for them. That’s good everyone needs something to believe in .

  18. I tried the Irish Spring method to repel rodents and in a couple of weeks I discovered rodent teeth marks on the bars.

    At least the basement smelled kind of nice!


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