Monday, June 21, 2021
Monday, June 21, 2021

What size T-shirt do you wear?

Before you leave a comment saying, “How the heck does this relate to RVing???” remember this: RVers are people too (and some wear T-shirts). If we made every poll question specifically about RVing, we wouldn’t learn nearly half of what we know about you – our readers and friends. So just bear with us when we ask seemingly non-RV-related questions, will ya?

That being said, will you vote in the poll below and tell us what size T-shirt you wear? Remember, we’d never judge you based on your answer (and we don’t know your answer anyway). Some of us are big, some of us are small. Some of us are tall, some of us are short. Who cares!

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Nancy GS
10 months ago

I wear a LG, but an XL feels so good, so I buy an XXL. 

Connie VH
11 months ago

I rarely look at sizes.
I hold it up to me, and if it goes side-to-side over the girls, I’ll take it.

Rory R
11 months ago

My actual size is xxl, but I like extra room that feeling of no constriction or restrictions. So I wear 3xl or 4xl, I have wide shoulders and somewhat of a beer belly, plus I like long T-shirts.

11 months ago

How should I know. My wife buys my clothes. After marriage, when we would get ready to go out, she would say, “are you wearing that?” Soooo, she buys and lays out my clothes. She’s happy which makes me happy.

11 months ago
Reply to  KellyR

When I posted above, I had to hit “I’m not a robot” Hmmm, now I am not sure.

Vanessa Simmons
11 months ago

I like big and sloppy so xl or xxl plus most of them shrink anyway so they end up med or large.

Bob C
11 months ago

I wear a 2XL T-shirt

Gene Bjerke
11 months ago

I picked extra large, but I prefer an XLT. If I can’t get that I will go with a 2XL.

11 months ago

I don’t see “Omar the Tent Maker” size. Life is good after retirement.

11 months ago

By now mostly XXL but sometimes an XL. I’ve had to donate lots of old nice ones that don’t fit anymore. 🙁

11 months ago

Since my retirement two years ago I’m a 3x due to furniture disease. My chest is in my draws.

Shredder J
11 months ago
Reply to  Don

that’s pretty funny! LOL

11 months ago

I’m consider a tall person so it usually 2xlt but select 3xl if can’t find 2xlt

11 months ago

This is a tough one. I’ve answered the one I order the most. But it really depends on the brand, the quality, where it comes from etc. Some of the aforementioned cut their shirts small so I go up a size (or two). Rarely have to go down a size.

Ed K
11 months ago

Don’t wear a Tee shirt. Can’t stand any shirt without two pockets. Dickies for me.

11 months ago
Reply to  Ed K

What is wrong with us EDs? I also prefer the two pocket Dickies or Wrangler work shirts. Used to claim I needed the pocket for my reading glasses but now wear them all the time so I also wear some Ts now, but must be with pocket. Laughs for us..

Sam Crabtree
11 months ago
Reply to  Ed K

I also prefer two chest pockets – deep enough to hold my phone and wallet. (I don’t like sitting on them, nor having them easily available to pick pockets.) I’ve been wearing Blair tee shirts exclusively for more than 3 years. They have two chest pockets and the added benefits of being very well made of quality cloth.

Judy G
11 months ago

Actually it depends on what I’m doing and where the T-shirt came from. I’ve picked up some freebies along the way in whatever size. And even when I put some $$ out for a favorite, it may be for the picture/logo/clever saying rather than the size.

John R. Wilkins
11 months ago

The problem with T-Shirts is they are not consistent in size and shrinkage, depending on quality and brands. Sometimes I can wear a medium, but if they shrink or run small, they end up too small, so I’ve given up and always order the Large size.

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