Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Simple trick helps prevent spoiled food in RV freezer

To be sure your RV’s refrigerator’s freezer is working properly, put an ice cube in a small cup in the freezer and look at it whenever you open the freezer door.

freezer-744If all is well, the cube will stay in its original form, but if the freezer has quit for a period or is not working properly, the cube will have melted and you will have a frozen puddle instead of a cube.

It’s especially wise to check after you have been away for more than a day or two. The power could have gone off for many hours, enough time for the food in the freezer to thaw. By the time you return it could be frozen again with no evidence that anything had happened. A melted ice cube in the cup will reveal otherwise!

It’s not a good idea to re-freeze once frozen food. Besides compromising its taste and texture, there is an increased risk of spoilage due to microorganisms. And you don’t want to eat spoiled food: ask anyone who has experienced food poisoning! Nasty!


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