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No way would I ever sleep in this!

By Chuck Woodbury
There is no way I would ever sleep in this tent the way it’s shown here. I’d have nightmares all night long that the car’s emergency brake had failed, and the car rolled backward, and the tent collapsed, and I fell to my death on the other side of the tiny wall. I’ve had a lot of dreams in my life about falling, and I’m not into the real thing.

If someone offered me $1,000 to spend the night in this tent, I would not do it. I wouldn’t do it for $2,000. Maybe $20,000, because that’s a lot of money. But, still, I don’t know.

And how the heck do you get up into this? With a ladder? What if the ladder falls? I guess you could jump out — and if you’re 20 years old, fine. But when you are a person of advanced age with old bones like me? Not good. And what if you need to get up in the middle of the night to pee? And what if the wind starts blowing? Geez…

I know this picture is just to draw attention to the tent. But, still, I think it’s a pretty stupid way to do it. And the other thing, wouldn’t you bounce around every time you turned over? No way would you want to sleep with another person in this.

What if the cord broke or a knot came loose?

I’m not buying this tent and even if someone bought it for me, I’m not sleeping in it unless it’s on the ground. No way!

Would you? What do you think?



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3 months ago

I don’t like sleeping in hammocks and I certainly would not sleep in this for all the negative reasons you mentioned above!

Mike M
3 months ago

I would have no trouble sleeping in there, not sure how I would get in being height challenged. Not sure I would if it was a windy area. That would make it an ‘E-ride’ .

Gene Bjerke
3 months ago

I wouldn’t sleep in a tent like that, but I have slept in a jungle hammock many times and loved it.

Donald N Wright
3 months ago

I would worry about the strain on the roof rack. I have an old “Air Camper” car top tent, but it sits on top of the vehicle, quite stable and has a ladder. I have seen these tent on four point hammocks, wonderful for camping where trees are nearby over ground conditions that may be swamp or pointed rocks. As for sleeping in hammocks, I tried it with our Venturing Crew, my screams when I hit the ground woke everyone else !

3 months ago

No thanks, not these old bones. I did some camping in an improvised hammock when I was a teen leading Boy Scout hikes as summer camp staff. In nice weather I would string a military surplus shelter half between two trees. Much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Then was the night a friend brought some beer and met us after the campers were bedded down. I had a few too many. When I tried to climb into my hammock, it dumped me into the nettles growing below. Yes I know we should not have been drinking, but I think I got my karmic payback at the time.

Cheryl V Clark
3 months ago

I don’t tent camp, anyway, and I surely wouldn’t sleep in this.

3 months ago

Nope! Ranks right up there with those rock face “tents” that rock climbers use to catch some winks on the side of a mountain. Nope!

Mike Whelan
3 months ago

Nope, looks like a dumb idea of the year award candidate.

3 months ago

Seems like it would be nice on a hot night.
Also I just saw one of these at a campground we stayed at the guy said his grand kids love it.

Thomas D
3 months ago

You’re supposed to put your food up in the tree to prevent bears from getting it
Unless you consider yourself bear food!
That I don’t understand

Mitzi Agnew Giles and Ed Giles
3 months ago

This triggers stress from 2020 June when we were on the blue ridge parkway and I was in my molded fiberglass trailer while DH was outside talking to the tow truck drive. The driver then walked away from us, dropped the trailer off the hitch – due to the incline of the clay stopping place and the road the trailer immediately rolled toward a cliffy/ultra steep area on the far side of the road- which didn’t even have a LITTLE wall- nothing except a low guardrail. The plunge would have been about 60 feet- we had the tops of tall pines looking like the bushes going up the mountain side of the parkway. DH was able to grab the tongue. I was screaming looking death in the face. The tow driver finally got over to DH and helped swing the tongue enough to the side that the trailer ran into a mud puddle on the narrow shoulder just before the guardrail/plunge. OMG. I feel anxiety surging my heart right now. I know I have to get back on the pony and ride but haven’t camped since.

3 months ago

Always chock the wheels BEFORE unhitching! Always! I learned that lesson the hard way once upon a time.

3 months ago

Jeez, man. Get a grip!

(BTW, it would be funnier if the tent was suspended upside-down. From bungee cords.)

3 months ago

Chuck. What do Ey think of your story and the “shopped” photo? Ey think you should leave RVTravel stories to your staff writers who can still put out a good story.
Love, Loneoutdoorsman

3 months ago

It’s not a real photo, Chuck. Get over it… LOL.

Dale V.
3 months ago

A very “in tents” analysis.

3 months ago

Photoshop fake!

Leilani W.
3 months ago

I agree! If for some bizarre reason, I HAD to sleep in it, I doubt I would really get any sleep. Besides your rational objections, what if a curious bear decided to bump your bum from underneath the tent? Or just tried to climb in with you? This appears to be at an overlook, probably in a national park, and I bet the rangers would have numerous problems with your choice of camping spot.

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