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Solar lamp for your campsite or picnic table


This solar lamp gets its power from the sun and converts it into clean electricity to light your campsite or picnic table. No wires or electrical source required – other than Mr. Sol. It’s convenient, stows easily, and will likely outlast your RV. And you will always have light for that late night poker game or sing-a-long. 

In the daytime, the solar panel of this LED lamp converts the sun’s energy into electrical energy and stores it in the built-in batteries, and in the evening the light-control system turns it on automatically. Easy to install, high brightness, and energy saving. Light up your campsite, courtesy of the sun.


  • Solar Panel 6V/2.5W
  • Batteries Li-ion 3.7V/1800mAh
  • Lamp Quantity 2 PCS LED
  • Length of Cable 5m

1. Set the solar panel face up where it can receive direct sunlight. You can mount the control box into the ground or on a wall with the stake or screws attached.
2. Hang the lamp where you want it, from your RV’s awning, a nearby tree limb, over your picnic table, etc.
3. Turn on the switch on the back of the solar panel to charge.
4. Turn on the lamp at night with the switch on the lamp holder.

You can find the Solar Power LED Lamp on Amazon.

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