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Everyone wants to be somewhere else

The heavy Memorial Day weekend traffic was cringe-worthy. As we slowly rolled to a standstill, our youngest grandchild called out from the back seat, “Why are we stopping?” To which her older sister explained, “The traffic is stopped because everyone wants to be somewhere else.”

“Everyone wants to be somewhere else.” I ruminated on these words for a bit. I wondered where the people inside the countless vehicles might be headed.

Going home

Some, no doubt, were workers going home, happy to have a long, holiday weekend.

A school bus came into view. Kids waving out the windows were happy to be going home on their last day of school. I’m sure they felt excited and relieved as they looked forward to summer break.

To the lake

A truck pulling a bass boat slowly drifted past us. A couple of young guys looked relaxed as they thought about the upcoming days of fishing. Two kiddos riding in the truck’s rear seat bopped along to the music. One kid wore swim goggles around his neck. I guess he didn’t plan on wasting any time before jumping into the lake! I wondered if he’d scare away the fish?

To a campground

Then we saw the RVs. Three of them in a row. I wondered if they were traveling together and found myself wishing that we could be taking our RV somewhere else this weekend, too. I imagined the excitement of arriving at the campground, hooking up, and extending the slides. And I could almost smell the grilling meat that would be served for tonight’s dinner. Visions of kids chasing lightning bugs and making s’mores around a campfire made me smile.

Going somewhere else

As the traffic finally eased, I asked our kiddos to name their favorite “somewhere else.” The littlest one immediately said, “Grandma’s house!” The older ones took a little time before answering. Their responses? “My friend’s backyard!” and “The neighborhood swim park.” Good answers, I thought.

After dropping the kiddos off at their home, I got to thinking about my own favorite “somewhere else.” I think I’d have to say, “Home.” Whether we’re staying long-term on a job site in our RV (home) or returning home (stix-n-brix) after an RV vacation, I love coming home. That’s the place where I can remember the fun times of the past and also dream of upcoming “somewhere else” places to visit next.

How about you?

What is your favorite “somewhere else?” Tell us in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


  1. For us it is the “Month” of May culminating in the Indy500 on the Sunday before Memorial Day. We come out to Indy 2 weeks before the race. Spend 10 days at a nice RV park & drive into the track every day. Then the Thursday before the race we head to the track where we dry camp across the street from the entrance to the track (they offer electric, but 4 days we can go w/o it). No dealing with traffic…which we did once upon a time. Then on Memorial Day, we take our time gettin up & packing up. Go for breakfast at Charlie Brown’s in Speedway, then head to a tranquil RV park about 3 hrs away. No traffic.

  2. My favorite “somewhere else” is wherever I’m headed. But I always am happy to
    return to our sticks-and-bricks.

  3. We’re lucky to have a nice campground only 20 miles from the house. Our first visit of the year is our “shakedown” before we take it further. Several recent years we’ve spent our anniversary there.

  4. Gail, It’s interesting that you said “home.” Many times that has been my primary thought as well.

    I am fortunate to live in a country setting overlooking the beautiful Mississippi River Valley in SE Minnesota. Rarely, in decades of travel around the world, have I been in a more beautiful location than right where my home is.

    But, if I had to choose somewhere else, it would be the Black Hills of South Dakota. That land just speaks to my soul!

  5. Somewhere else is not a place for me but going somewhere else; just going somewhere else is enough for me. When I get somewhere else I am ready for somewhere else.

  6. We stayed “home” this year in hot Arizona…so “somewhere else”, sure would be nice to be camping up in the cool, cool mountains!

  7. Yes, this summer we want to be in the Adirondacks and along the Maine coast. Next winter we want to be in sunny Florida. And yes all those other folks on the road want to be somewhere else. We now try – and I say try – not to travel when so many others want to be somewhere else. Spring break threw a monkey wrench into our travel plans returning from Florida early April. WOW!!! What was usually a 4 hr trip took 7 hrs with 3 hrs of delays. At one point we stood still in traffic for over an hour. I had never, ever experienced anything like it. WAZE couldn’t help out. There was no suggested alternative route. We were stuck – along with all those other folks wishing they were “somewhere else”.


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