Wednesday, February 8, 2023


Sta-Bil Rust Stopper stops rust and corrosion

By Bob Difley

Of the many gremlins that attack your RV, like mold, mildew, leaks, and black streaks, rust is the gremlin that will attack your hand tools, spare parts, door hinges, and other vulnerable metal surfaces and moving parts over time.

STA-BIL® Rust Stopper is a part of the large family of Gold Eagle fuel additives and aerospace protectants that protect, preserve, and improve the efficiency and performance of your cars, boats, recreation vehicles, and more. Untreated and treated metals can rust within weeks of exposure. The aerosol spray delivers a protective coating for exposed metals, preventing rust and corrosion.

Rust Stopper prevents rust and corrosion by protecting metal surfaces with a long-lasting barrier while maintaining joint and pivot points to move freely. Use anywhere metal needs to be protected from rust and corrosion.

  • Features:
    Prevents rust and corrosion – Fights the formation of rust and corrosion on exposed metal surfaces.
  • Long-Lasting Protection – Leaves a film coating on metal surfaces that is proven to withstand the test of various weather conditions.
  • Water Resistant – Specialized formula prevents normal water erosion and keeps the protected surface from developing water stream markings resulting in uneven corrosion.
  • Lubricates and Penetrates – Use to lubricate parts and tools to stop squeaks and sticking.
  • Stops Existing Rust – Once rust is present, Rust Stopper stops rust in its tracks while offering a protective coating in its place.

STA-BIL® is removed with a high pressure, cold water wash (1,000-3,000 psi). A standard, industrial strength pressure washer will suffice. Can also be removed by warm water detergent wash or with a commercial-grade biodegradable cleaner.

You can find STA-BIL® Rust Stopper here.

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1 year ago

I don’t know about this. For decades their expertise has been fuel stabilization. Branching out into corrosion prevention is another field I don’t see them as knowing much about. I feel they are marketing their name. So what is next, cookies?

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