Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Conserve water and never step into a cold shower again!

By Bob Difley

SlhowermiserHow many times have you wanted to stay out camping another day or two, but ran out of fresh water or found out that your gray water tank was full and had to be dumped?

Have you ever thought about how much fresh, clean water gets wasted going down the drain, from the time you turn on the shower until you’re willing to step in, waiting for it to get warm?

What if there was a way to solve both of these issues?

With SHOWERMI$ER, there is. The SHOWERMI$ER simply connects to your shower outlet. By flipping a small lever, you can redirect the cold water back into the fresh water tank, before it even comes out of the showerhead. This water would normally go down the drain, filling up your gray water tank. SHOWERMI$ER, with its unique and patented color-changing ability, will show you that hot water has arrived to the showerhead. Just flip the small lever back to release the water and step into your nice warm shower, without wasting a drop.

SHOWERMI$ER connects anywhere on the non-pressurized side of the fresh water system. You simply remove the shower head, attach the SHOWERMI$ER unit, line up and mark where the return line will be, and then drill only one hole in the shower wall through to the inside wall where the other plumbing is maintained. Using the provided lock washer, tighten the SHOWERMI$ER snugly against the wall.

Using a return line with a 1/2″ female pipe thread fitting, attach the return line to the SHOWERMI$ER unit. Lastly, connect the other side of the return line to anywhere it is convenient on the non-pressurized side of the fresh water system.

What comes in the Kit:

1 diverter valve (chrome or brushed nickel)
1 custom-threaded through-wall pipe
1 lock nut & washer to secure unit tightly against the shower wall

Learn more on the SHOWERMI$ER website

You can find Bob Difley’s RVing ebooks on Amazon Kindle.




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Cassandra Adams (@guest_2339)
7 years ago

I have a better solution to conserve water and it only costs a few cents. Buy or reuse a small pail with a handle that will fit under your bathroom sink faucet. When you are waiting for the hot water, run all that cold water into the pail. Do the same in the shower and then use that water to flush your toilet. You can also do the same at the kitchen sink. I’ve been doing this for many years and we can go a long time on 80 gallons of water. A margarita mix bucket is the perfect fit in our RV bathroom.

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