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Woman’s RV stolen with dog inside. Tail-wagging ending?

Imagine coming back to your RV—only to find it gone. Your RV had been stolen! Then realize the gut-punch feeling added to it—your dog was inside! That’s Mason Gray’s story. Mason is a traveling nurse who recently took a job at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Her dream was to find a house she could afford for herself and Bexley, her six-year-old Australian shepherd. Meanwhile, she and Bexley were living in her travel trailer. On Sunday, she came “home” from work only to find someone stole her RV—and Bexley!

Frantic and fur-ious

What followed was a frantic and furious search. Not content to file a police report and see what might turn up, Mason set to work. She enlisted the help of friends, who immediately started phoning area animal shelters, hoping that if Bexley had been dumped, she’d turn up in one of them.

Meanwhile, Mason made use of a detective’s best tool: shoe leather. Mason started hitting local businesses in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA, where her trailer was stolen. At one business, she found security camera footage showing what happened. A man driving a dark-colored pickup truck brazenly hitches up to Mason’s trailer and heads off north on Hillhurst Avenue. Sadly, no image from the footage showed a license plate number.

Don’t worry about the gear—worry about Bexley!

Mason Gray via CBS News Los Angeles

Mason was devastated, but determined. Living full-time in her RV, everything she owned was inside the hijacked rig. In addition to nursing, Mason makes a living doing side jobs involving singing, acting, and photography. Her expensive gear was on-board the stolen travel trailer. But that was the least of her concerns. She told reporters, “I wasn’t gonna give up,” she said. “I’m finding my dog. There’s no way that anybody’s going to get me down. … I’m not gonna stop until I find her.”

Mason’s determination was rewarded. On Monday evening she got a call from an LA police substation. Her stolen RV had been found, the perpetrator arrested, and could she come get Bexley. [Silly question.] We wanted to interview Bexley for her take on the matter—but she’s not talking.



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Jesse Crouse
3 months ago

The dog is always more important than the rig.

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