Monday, June 21, 2021
Monday, June 21, 2021

Stupid RVer Trick: Mud bogging

Oh, what silly, stupid, idiotic things some people do! Here’s yet another example of Stupid RVer Tricks. Seriously low IQ’s are at work here, or maybe it’s simply seriously high levels of alcohol. Whatever the case, please watch, weep, laugh or simply marvel at MSIA (massive stupidity in action).

##RVT832 ##RVDT1417

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Bob p
9 months ago

Driver of the motorhome in the mud hole is one of the future leaders of this country… think about it!

9 months ago

Also stupid, those people standing so close to it while being towed. If that tow strap snapped it could do some serious damage if it hit someone.

Sharon B
9 months ago

Is there a word that describes this idiotic act? hmmmm

9 months ago

Another Darwin Award Winner!

9 months ago
Reply to  Dr4Film

Nah, Darwin awards are only given posthumously.

9 months ago

Brains addled by the sun and alcohol. He’s lucky they didn’t wreck the front end pulling it out. It was tweaked, I could tell that from the noise under the hood.

STEPHEN P Malochleb
9 months ago

I hope that was his own and not a rental! D.A.

9 months ago

Bet Mom and Dad don’t lend out the Motorhome for a weekend so easy any more.

Tommy Molnar
9 months ago

Should have given it more gas before he hit the water. Mighta made it. Not that I would try that, even with the truck!

3 years ago

Where is Forrest Gump when you need him. Stupid is as stupid does.

Nancy Michaels, North Platte, NE
3 years ago

A friend of mine says, “Dumb is forever!” Guess this proves it! Idiots!!!

3 years ago

Here, hold my beer…

3 years ago

Two words. Just two words: Dumb {bleeped}!

3 years ago

Works in sand also, don’t ask!!!

3 years ago

Wonder how he got back across it?

Scott Gitlin
3 years ago

What could possibly go wrong?

John Petruccelli
3 years ago

As they say “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID”. It was good to see the Ford F350 was able to extract the motorhome by itself.

9 months ago

Nothing like a diesel F350 to get you out of a jam!!!!

John Clark
3 years ago

Stupid is stupid.

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