Monday, December 5, 2022


Sun gone. Now lightning, rain, hail, freezing temps



Our campsite in Seligman.

It’s Thursday evening. We’re holed up in Seligman, Arizona.

Two days ago in Camp Verde, the afternoon high was about 80. Today, it never reached 50. It’s dipping into the 20s tonight.

Seligman is near the western edge of the largest remaining passable stretch of Route 66, about 87 miles. The town of about 450 was the inspiration, in part, for Radiator Springs in the animated movie Cars. The movement to preserve what remains of the Mother Road began here in 1987. Seligman is home to Snow Cap Drive In, which advertises “Dead Chicken.”

LAST EVENING, thunder and lightning lit the sky and shook the motorhome. Strong, gusty winds shook it more. This morning, hail turned the campground white. Several times, rain pounded us. See the mud tracks in the photo? They were left behind this morning when the motorhome next door pulled out.

Gail and I had planned to drive the long stretch of Route 66 today, from here to Kingman. But the weather is lousy, so we’ve hunkered down for an extra night at the KOA with a few other lonesome travelers. We’ll try again tomorrow. 

It’s been a great day for catching up on writing. Other than that, it’s not been so good.

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Dominic DeLillo
5 years ago

Similar experience here in Angel Fire., NM on Thursday night. The weather was supposed to include a frozen mix but they issued a blizzard warning and we could hear the wind howling all night. Woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground and no AC power. Our new Sunset Trail performed flawlessly. The scenery is beautiful.

Bill in Austin
5 years ago

Your story brought back memories of living in Flagstaff. Spring kinda teases you. One day there is a hint of warmth and the next week the winds can blow right through you. While still one of the best climates in the country for summer camping and living, spring will test you!

Keep sharing!

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