Friday, April 16, 2021
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New online course covers internet access for RVers

RV Masterclass today (April 12) launched a new digital course, Mobile Internet Explained. “With the need to remain connected these days, mobile internet has been...

Video: Starlink Internet Service: The good news and the bad news

There's good news about SpaceX's Starlink internet's customer portal that allows customers to edit their own service address without involving customer service, which was...
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Starlink – Internet access from outer space coming soon to your RV?

By Randall Brink Inveterate boondockers are always on the lookout for techniques and technology that help them stay out longer and enable them to stay...

What would you do for an internet connection?

By Dave Helgeson After nearly two weeks of boondocking at various sites without a usable internet connection, the inbox of my email account was approaching...

How many (non-spam) emails do you receive in a typical day?

How many emails do you receive in a typical day? And we mean emails you actually want to receive, or sign up for, not...

How often do you purchase something online?

It's hard to not purchase something online these days, isn't it? And chances are, if you weren't an online shopper before the pandemic hit, you...

Will weBoost Drive 4G-X boost your cell signal as promised?

By Tony Barthel How do you get great Internet when you’re on the road in your RV? As more and more RVers take to the...