Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Video: Did fire department mess up on this RV fire?

By Chuck Woodbury I am not a firefighter so I certainly can't, with authority, question how the fireman approached this situation. But in this three-minute...

Motorhome erupts in flames. Ammunition starts popping!

An RV fire is one (very bad) thing, but when the fire ignites ammunition that's far worse. That's what happened August 26 on Washington...
RV Electricity

All about RV electrical fires and a new way to extinguish them fast

By Mike Sokol Hey, everyone. You know me as the RV Electricity guy, but I am indeed interested in all sorts of things, including those...

Be prepared for lightning-caused or other RV fires

By Mike Sokol The headlines read, "Lightning strike causes fire, consumes three RVs in mobile park." And nothing strikes fear in the hearts of RV...

Fire danger avoided in RV with questionable wiring

The subject of RV fires comes up often at RVtravel.com. RVs burn, and they burn very fast: If not caught within a minute the...