Monday, February 24, 2020
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Close-space RV living with your mate

By Ray Burr, loveyourrv.com Thinking about full-time RVing with your significant other? If not fulltiming, how about extended RVing? Anne and I have been together...

Try water-cruising by kayak

By Greg Illes Everybody has seen the wild-ride, white-water kayaking adventure films, breathtaking and scary with what these world-class athletes put themselves through. But there...

What to do about bird feeder syndrome

Dear RV Shrink: My husband and I have been feeding birds for 40 years in our backyard. When we sold our home and began living...

Be a pop-up, not a fifth wheel

Dear RV Shrink: I am a single women new to traveling in a small Class B motorhome. It is not as easy as I had...

Husband stinks up RV every morning — what can wife do?

Dear RV Stink (I mean Shrink): I have an ongoing (no pun intended) problem with my husband. We live full-time in a 28-foot 5th wheel...

Sleep better when it’s noisy outside

By Russ and Tiña De Maris While most of us associate the RV lifestyle with "getting away from civilization" and back to nature, sometimes we...

Getting along — Pointers for a great RV partnership

By Greg Illes It is said that wherever your relationship is going, traveling together in an RV will take it there sooner. Here are some...

Use creative exercises to tune up your life

By Greg Illes Exercise shouldn’t mean that you have to curl a telephone pole with your fellow Navy Seals (photo). In fact, it can be...