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RV Travel Reader Pets, Dec. 10, 2016


The pets of readers

dog and photographer - leftDo you travel with a pet? We’d love to introduce your pet(s) to fellow readers. Here’s what we need: a photo or two of Fido or Boots (or you with your pet) and a 150-200 word description of your furry friend(s) — name, breed, age, how long you have traveled together, what makes them special? Go ahead and brag about them if you wish! Do you have any tips for other RVing pet lovers about traveling with pets that you’ve learned along the way? Don’t forget to give us your name(s) and hometown. Send to Diane(at) .

Issue 31; Posted Dec. 10, 2016

Vic, Leanne and Remington Bunn, Oroville, Washington

pets-bunn-11-30-2016-full We got Remington in November 2015, at 1.5 years of age. He moved to the U.S. from Canada. He is a long-haired miniature dachshund, light cream brindle. Of course, we think he is the cutest one ever! Ha Ha!

pets-bunn-11-30-2016-headThis past summer we took him RVing with us.  He took to traveling in the motorhome better than we could ever imagine.  I tried to hold him on my lap on a  pillow so that he could see out but he wanted no part of that.  He got off of my lap, went back on the couch, and comfortably has ridden there or in the easy chair since that time. He loves it!

Happy Trails~~~

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From Jim and Julie Schneider, Decatur, Illinois (considering going full-time)

Our Boston terriers are Milton, 6 months old, and Frankie Blue, 4 months. They have only traveled a little over 1000 miles so far, but we will be taking them to Florida for the winter this year. They are great travelers and love their spot in the motorhome. They sleep and we stop every 3 hours or so and we all stretch! Next summer we will go to Arizona to visit family so they will get a lot of travel time!

pets-schneider-julie-11-27-2016We converted the fireplace of our Thor Tuscany Class A motorhome into a pet spot. A full-size cage fits in the space and both of our puppies ride and sleep there. This is Milton in the cage, and Milton and Frankie Blue dozing.

pets-schneider-julie-11-27-2016-bothOur Milton is a cleft palate and lip puppy that no one wanted and, in fact, they recommended that he be put down, but we took him. He has seizures and is an incredibly picky to non eater — I never met a dog that refused to eat until we got him! Frankie Blue had a hernia and a misshaped tail and no one wanted him either … so, once again, we took him! Frankie has recently had surgery to repair the hernia.

We decided that we are definitely too old for puppies but it is too late … we are in love with them! I had forgotten how hard puppies are to raise and only thought about how cute they are! Ha! We lost our old dog in the spring (she was a rescue, too) and I think we were still grieving and acted impulsively. But we will get through this time and are loving having a dog on each of our laps!

From Paul and Debi Pitzer (retired), Rendon, Texas

pets-pitzer-9-30-2016Our furbaby, Winston (the Pooh) Churchill, or “Winnie,” is a 3.5-lb. teacup Schnauzer. He is 13 years old and travels everywhere with us in our motorhome. He has never been boarded and can’t stand to be away from us, especially since our other furbaby, “Tanner,” went to the “Rainbow Bridge” last year. Winnie loves to walk and we don’t let him get too far from us, as a lot of the campgrounds have eagles and wildlife that could endanger him.

This is a photo of Winnie sitting on the couch of our RV taking in all the sights at a campground.

“Take the road less traveled.”

Editor: Winnie’s story was previously published in RV Travel Newsletter issue 766, but not in the Reader Pets publication. We didn’t want to leave him out …

MORE IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS — if you send in your pet stories.

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