Thursday, May 13, 2021
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I flooded my RV with poop! Will my warranty cover me?

With Tony Barthel From the editor: If you haven’t been following along, we’ve recently added a new column to our Saturday newsletter called “RV Warranty...

Do you have a current extended warranty on your RV?

Do you have a current extended warranty on your RV? If so, are you happy you have it? If not, do you wish you...
RV extended warranty shopping tips

RV Warranty Questions: What kind of extended warranty should I get?

By Tony Barthel asked you for your RV warranty questions and we have been flooded with responses. We have a series of articles upcoming...

Is an RV warranty worth the investment?

Editor's note: Wholesale Warranties is an advertiser with The company provided us with this article. By Wholesale Warranties RV extended warranties are frequently talked about...
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RVer stuck with bad toilet. Dealers won’t do warranty work

Dear editor, I am very frustrated trying to get warranty service on my 2020 motorhome. Currently I am touring the good old USA in the warm...