Monday, November 28, 2022


RV Manufacturer Warranty, Part 6: I have something to admit…


In September, I started writing a 5-part series on RV manufacturer warranties. The topics included the following:

After the fifth part was released, I thought I had put that topic to bed. Little did I know, a decision I made earlier this year would come back to haunt me. Against my better judgment, and against my wife’s wishes, I scheduled one more RV manufacturer warranty repair. The appointment came and went and, as per usual, my team went to bat for the customer.

50 days later, the repairs were declined by the manufacturer.

I hope you enjoy this video update where I eat major “crow.” I admit it: My wife was right and I was wrong!

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Dustin owns and operates California RV Specialists, an independent RV repair shop located in Lodi, CA. He thrives on sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm of RV repair and maintenance with his team, customers, and virtual friends.

Be sure to check out his YouTube channel where he shares what’s going on in the shop and the product offerings in the store. Dustin is also very active on Facebook. Join his group, RV Repairs and Tips – What’s in the shop!

Dustin proudly operates the business alongside his wife, Ashley; but the true pair that run the show are their Boston Terriers, Arvie and Hitch.


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Stefan trestyn
29 days ago

What about putting in a check valve on the fill so once the secondary tank is full it stops filling from the primary

29 days ago

Emails are not going to cut it. The manufacturer is banking on you giving up. If I understand the plumbing, as described by the tech in the video, its sounds like either a design flaw or the assemblers just plumbed the two tanks incorrectly to the specs. As the underbelly is already removed, it seems like an attorney could find a plumber to easily confirm if either is correct. Or, seek the plumber first then, if either is correct, seek the attorney. Keep adequate track of your expenses incurred.

Bob S
30 days ago

Thank you Dustin! You have overwhelmingly confirmed my belief that buying used is always the way to go when it comes to RVs.

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