Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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How many sewer hoses does an RVer need?

By Dave Helgeson I have been around RVs all my life. My family entered the “trailer” business in 1937, manufacturing their own brand of trailers,...
Camco magnetic sewer hose cap

The amazing disappearing sewer hose. Don’t let it happen to you!

By Tony Barthel We’ve all seen an RV driving down the road with half the stinky slinky flailing about as it snakes its way out...
RV sewer hose gadgets

My two favorite black tank dumpin’ gadgets

By Tony Barthel Dealing with the black tank is one of the least enjoyable parts of the RV lifestyle. When a product comes along that...

The truth about Butt Wipes and RV holding tanks

By Emily Woodbury It was a Tuesday and I got a knock on my door from my trusty (and well-loved) Amazon delivery man. I didn't...

Another unsanitary RV park utility hookup

A reader named Irv sent this photo of the water and sewer hookups at the campground attached to the Exhibition Coal Mine in Beckley,...

Cheap device prevents accidental RV sewer overflow

Doug Swarts (Drainmaster.com) and Chuck Woodbury of RVtravel.com discuss how a simple, inexpensive device can save the day (as well as a lot of...