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The amazing disappearing sewer hose. Don’t let it happen to you!

Camco magnetic sewer hose cap
Camco magnetic sewer hose cap

By Tony Barthel
We’ve all seen an RV driving down the road with half the stinky slinky flailing about as it snakes its way out of the bumper and onto the side of the road. This is one of the more universal challenges we RVers face – the vanishing sewer hose. 

Of course you don’t find it until you’re ready to dump your tanks, which are filled to the brim, and you’re in a hurry to get home. 

Nothing like going with hat in hand to a neighboring RVer and asking to borrow their sewer hose. 

So what’s the solution? A better sewer hose cap – and I’ve found one! Once again the campers at Camco have created a solution to a problem lots of RVers have. I’ve had the Camco 4-in-1 Magnetic Bumper Cap with Lug Fitting End and Standard Cap Set for a year or so now and it’s one of those little things that makes a big difference.

First of all, I like that the the cap on one side of the bumper (you choose – I bet you’re going to choose the side where the valves are) is magnetic. The magnets they’ve chosen are pretty darned strong. Inside this cap are the pegs so that your sewer hose can attach to the cap itself so when you pull it off the bumper it’s like some stinky slinky valet and the hose comes right along with it. 

Camco magnetic sewer hose capOn the opposite end is a cap that squeezes onto the bumper but is made of a better flexible plastic than whatever came with our RV. It takes a legitimate squeeze to get it off the bumper so you’re not likely to have the situation of the stinky slinky dancing its way out to the chagrin of drivers behind you. 

While this is a simple fix to a common problem, those are the best kind – and for under $15 you can prevent the loss of a much pricier sewer hose. Plus the whole sewer hose valet feature. 



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Jim Knoch
6 months ago

Before I did the 5 inch fence post mod to hold my rhino-flex sewer hose , because it didn’t fit well into the 4 inch bumper, I passed a length of 1/4 inch poly rope from cap to cap inside the tube and tied it to each cap with just enough slack to remove one end cap. If you are using the blue or brown Slinky this will work very well and you will never lose the hose or caps. If you are worried about getting it tight enough, you can insert a bungie cord at one end to keep tension on the rope all the time. I used this method for years (since 1986) without losing the endcaps or the slinky until I upgraded to the Rhino-flex hose with the larger fittings.

6 months ago

Because dumping the tanks is never just about the hose we put the whole kit-n-kaboodle (flushing hose, supports, gloves, etc) in a plastic tote that goes into the basement. Everything in one place. 😀

6 months ago
Reply to  Lori

That’s what we do Lori. Everything in one place and very accessible.

Tony Grigg
6 months ago

Yes, I’ve used these magnetic caps since day one and they work perfectly. I have one on both ends of the bumper holding 2 hoses.

6 months ago

I put a piece of 2″ wide Velcro over the caps with the sticky side on the bumper. Never had an issue.

Bob p
6 months ago

Since the hose is always wet when put away and bumper manufacturers very rarely put a coat of rust resistant paint inside the bumper they always rust. After having a hose develop small leaking pin holes from several install/removal through the rust, I now install a 4” pvc pipe under my RV usually near the dump valves capping the opposite end with a vented cap and gluing a screw on cap on the end I’ll be using. Perforated plumbers strapping securely holds it in position, I haven’t lost one or had to replace it because rust scraped pin holes in it. A 1/2” hole drilled into the screw on cap provides ventilation.

Tommy Molnar
6 months ago
Reply to  Bob p

I fought that problem by putting a length of plastic rain gutter into my bumper. The ridges of my hose never touch any rusted steel so the hose lasts much longer. My note from a year ago mentions the end caps that usually (don’t they?) come with the trailers have little ‘tits’ on each side which fit into corresponding holes in the bumper and should never fall out. Do some trailers not come with this? Ours is a 2012.

1 year ago

I made my own storage tube from a 5 in sq. PVC tube (it is a tube made to fit over 4×4’s as railings / posts – about $25 from your local home improvement store) and I have springs and a pin to ensure the cap stays put. This is on the end I open. The other end is glued and screwed solid. I use the bumper tube as storage for broom and brush handles.

I agree with the comment below that many sewer hoses don’t fit the bumper tubes. I would suggest that everyone add a safety clip to your end caps. They are cheap at your local hardware store. You just drill a small hole thru the tube and cap and insert the clip that will lock and secure the cap. It will not be able to be removed until you pull the clip. Cheap and secure.

1 year ago

I have never had a problem with the hose inside the bumper. But one time in Alberta I lost the whole thing into the dump tank while I was trying to wash it out. Beware of the dump tank with a large entrance pipe.

Vanessa Simmons
1 year ago

My hose doesn’t fit into the bumper. I bought the tube from Valtarra and had installed under the belly.

Bob Weinfurt
1 year ago

I just drilled a 1/8″ hole through the end caps and bumper and dropped a large nail through it. That’s worked for six years, have the same nails too.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bob Weinfurt
Ron Seidl P.E.
6 months ago
Reply to  Bob Weinfurt

I did the same thing. Drilled a small hole about 1/4 inch from the corner of the square tube and put a small spring clamp in it. (They look like an uppercase R” I still have the same spring clamps.

1 year ago

After seeing our hose hang out about three feet after a short trip I purchased one of the ‘Squeeze” bumper ends. It worked well except in cold weather. On a corner the hose must have slid into the Squeeze and it was gone at my next stop. Luckily the hose was still in there. I then drilled a hole from all the way through the bumper top to bottom of a regular rubber end. I use a brass brazing rod with a loop at the top. The nice thing about the brazing rod is it doesn’t rust.

Jim Schrankel
1 year ago

I installed a screw at the end of the tube that holds the end of the hose in place.

Tommy Molnar
1 year ago

Both of our trailers bumpers came with end caps with little ‘tits’ on both sides that fit into corresponding holes in the bumper. When I see these end caps in RV sections of stores, they NEVER have my style of cap. I’ve always wondered why. I’ve never had a dump hose calamity.

Thomas D
1 year ago

Drilled a hole thru the bumper and cover and a piece of coat hanger with a bend on top end. Cost, nothing but my time. Never lost the cover or hose again. Notice the “again”.

tim palmer
1 year ago

I just put a screw in the end of the bumper into the cap. Keeps the cap from popping off and losing the hose. Cost…about 10 cents.

1 year ago
Reply to  tim palmer

I did this just on the far side.

Jeff Arthur
1 year ago
Reply to  tim palmer

I’ve done that with a ball pin with a ring . Mine cost about $1.50 but doesn’t need any tools for removal .

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