Friday, August 12, 2022


Take a really nice shower AND save water

By Greg Illes

Before we even took a test drive in our first RV, we knew about “the shower rules” — basically, fast and furious, and be sure to turn it off while you’re soaping up. When I was young, we called this the “GI shower” because military guys with limited water supplies would make use of the same technique.

So we were prepared — sort of. What we were not prepared for was the pitiful, miserly piddle of water that came from the standard RV shower head. For awhile, we figured that low flow meant low satisfaction — oh, well. But after a few campfire gripe sessions about this miserable trickle, some friends told us about a new product that made the same amount of water feel like a lot more. It was the Oxygenics Body Spa RV Shower Head, and it was (and is) sold by Camping World, Amazon, and other retailers. I was a typical skeptical Engineer, but the 4-star and 5-star reviews convinced me to try it out.

This turned out to be one of those night-and-day experiences. The Oxygenics head made our RV showers significantly more enjoyable. I remember thinking, “Gee, a real shower.” No, it can’t duplicate the three-gallon-per-minute flood we get at home, but at around 1.5 GPM in my RV, it makes my water last a good long time. The spray is wide, uniform and forceful enough that you don’t get the feeling that you have to be right under the shower head to be sure the water hits you. There is a lot of online info about how it’s don in the various user forums.

The unit costs less than $40 complete with matching hose. It comes with a built-in on/off valve, and installation is a screw-on snap for most RV installations (it has a standard half-inch NPT pipe fitting with rubber seal that will attach to most shower valves).


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