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Just thinking: “Does this pricey RV seem ‘cold’ to you?”

This is the new $159,000 Heritage Edition trailer from the folks at Bowlus. It looks a lot like the Airstreams of yesteryear. This is the company’s most affordable trailer, far less than the previous low-price leader, the Terra Firma at $285,000.

But here’s what got me thinking. Does the interior seem kinda cold to you? I mean, my own RV’s interior walls are wooden. On a cold winter day or night, with the heater going, it feels warm and cozy — like an old log cabin.Bowlus Heritage interior

But to me, this trailer looks “metallic” — very sleek and modern for sure. But sterile-looking, if that’s the right word. Oh, I know this “look” is popular and even trendy, but I personally can’t see myself in something like this. I do not know if, in fact, if it would be any warmer or colder on a winter night. Maybe you do.

What do you think? I’ve included a poll.

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Photos courtesy Bowlus


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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John147 (@guest_222442)
9 months ago

You da MAN, Chuck. Dats why me loves reading ur stuff! Keep up the Great work, , and don’t let the bums get yah down!

Gene Cheatham (@guest_222405)
9 months ago

Almost operating room sterile! We just attended a big RV show in St Louis a couple weeks ago and commented on how most of the RV;s were the same way. Stacy Stewart, the hot shot interior designer the industry is using, in our opinion, needs to change her tack. A nice alternative to the “all brown wood”, which we’re okay with but it’s long in the tooth, would be nice but there’s got to be something between the two. We think her furniture selection leaves something to be desired, but, that’s us, that’s why there’s options to choose from.
Wondering what the RV’ing community thinks?

Carol (@guest_222390)
9 months ago

I’m sure someone will like it, but definitely not my cup of tea. That said, working with a blank slate allows for personalization. I’d be bringing in the paint.

Linda (@guest_222374)
9 months ago

I like that they left walls bare so that you can personalize (and warm) it with your own artwork if that’s what appeals to you. We have had artwork attached to a much more textured walls for 5 years with removable velcro picture hangers. Holds well and allows us to take our artwork into our next coach without impacting the value of our current coach.

M Botts (@guest_222347)
9 months ago

That trailer interior looks a lot like the inside of an airliner to me

Gary (@guest_222350)
9 months ago
Reply to  M Botts

More like a cargo DC-3.

Rick Benson (@guest_222381)
9 months ago
Reply to  Gary


Sue (@guest_222335)
9 months ago

Saw one, and I think the interior is amazing – same as an Airstream with the satin aluminum interiors but way better quality. When you’re seeing reflection images it’s not cold it is really chic. Also there is a ton of insulation in these so the comments about the interior is hot or cold to touch is completely unfounded. Maybe it appeals to those who love design?

Pammy (@guest_222328)
9 months ago

Ugh – and it’s been proven that so called “industrial design” which is so much in vogue now can cause depression.

HOWARD W SCHILLER (@guest_222313)
9 months ago

Looks like 0 insulation. How could you heat or cool the insides? The walls would be hot or cold to the touch. Plus, it’s very sterile looking.

Charles Davis (@guest_222272)
9 months ago

The all aluminum trailers are the coldest in the winter and the hottest in the summer, btw, and hard to heat and cool and keep comfortable.
Anyone remember what an ice tray was made out of years ago, aluminum!
Also most of the airstreams have a drip hole or holes in the wall that allow the humidity to run down inside the walls and drip out the bottom, I am assuming that the Bowlus has similar holes for humidity drains.
The inside is not too fancy now is it?
I prefer some color, thanks.

KellyR (@guest_222268)
9 months ago

I assume it is still there at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry – Looking the length of this trailer reminds me of going thru the WWII captured German submarine.

Amber (@guest_222263)
9 months ago

The aliens have landed!!!!!

Thomas D (@guest_222255)
9 months ago

My fifth wheel is white inside. Walls ceiling cabinets. Floor is light gray. We love it. Walking into it first time is what sold it. Not a speck of fake wood anywhere

Glenda Alexander (@guest_222229)
9 months ago

The trailer looks out of place to me among the rugged landscape. If the exterior had been painted (with aircraft type paint) in a more neutral color, it would blend better with the landscape and would look better — not so sterile. It does appear to have a nice floor plan, though, from the little that I can see in the photo.

Alpenliter (@guest_222226)
9 months ago

All the warmth and charm of an airport restroom!

DW/ND (@guest_222206)
9 months ago

We truly enjoy our motor home with cherry wood cabinets, controlled liting and durable complementing fabric designs and colors. Just comfortable to be in and welcoming too! (Yes, we’re in our 80’s and this is our comfort zone – same as our home.)

Karen (@guest_222204)
9 months ago

I think it doesn’t look inviting at all. Looks more like a realtor staged a home for good sales. It makes me uncomfortable, like how do I live here without messing things up?

Leslie Schofield (@guest_222172)
9 months ago

What I don’t like is the lack of windows.

Steve (@guest_222182)
9 months ago

Looks like a mobile jail cell. Are the windows big enough to escape through if needed?

Leslie Berg (@guest_222166)
9 months ago

I love Bowlus’s designs and engineering on their other trailers, although 250,000+ is not tempting at all. This one is likely an attempt to make the price more affordable by cutting some features. It is cold though.

Gary G (@guest_222150)
9 months ago

My folks had Airstream’s in the 60’s thru the 80’s, they had nice interiors. Many of theses new units look like the inside of a stock trailer.

Dan Bowles (@guest_222133)
9 months ago

We bought our motorhome because it mimics the home we live. I think most of us have a desire to do the same. It’s what makes us comfortable. If you live in an ultra-modern home, this might be just the ticket. But I live in a log cabin.

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