Tuesday, June 6, 2023


This RV resort is going to pot — deliberately


By Russ and Tiña De Maris

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As more and more Americans are lighting up marijuana legally, the combination of pot smoking and recreation was bound to happen. Cannabis consumers can rent vacation homes, tour and toke with fellow travelers, even whitewater raft with your reefer. But park your RV and puff the magic dragon? It appears that pipe dreams can be a reality – now there’s Smoke on the Water Campground.

Wayne Zallen is the head mover and shaker with this new Selma, Ore., venture. Zallen formed a company that puts together marijuana growing warehouses and leases them out in states where that activity is legal – Oregon being one. Zallen recently purchased an aging (and somewhat decrepit) RV park on Lake Selmac. Offering what they called a “soft opening” last month, Zallen says the company will put a lot of money into bringing Smoke on the Water to stellar glory, but is already welcoming guests to bring their RVs or stay in a rental cabin. And yes, bring your bongs – or whatever – because dope smoking is the raison d’être for Smoke on the Water Resort.

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Of course, there’s more than just smoke at Zallen’s campground. The outfit has struck a deal with the county to lease boat docks and beach access at the resort, so if a little canoe trip, fishing expedition, or just hanging out at the water appeals to guests, they’ll be right at home. Of course, the county has drawn the line. Since the lease is of public property, you’ll have to snuff out your stink-weed before you cross the line between the resort and the beach. After all, Oregon law allows “recreational marijuana use” on private – not public – property only.

Should your bud imbibing leave you a bit on the hungry side, fear not. The resort’s handy on-site store will carry plenty of “munchies” to satisfy even the most voracious of twinkie appetites. Eventually the outfit says it will have an on-site dispensary so if you run low on locoweed, you can restock without traveling. Alcohol? None for sale here. In the words of one state official, “You can be a bar tender or a bud tender, but you can’t be both.”

If the promises come true, tokers can also look forward to live music concerts, a community center, and unlike the previous owner’s policy, year-round accommodations. Zallen says he’s looking forward to providing a place for marijuana field workers to stay in winter, even when the lake is frozen over. Smoke on ice, anyone?

For more information, click here. Note the web page indicates promotion for Lake Selmac Resort – the company is presently changing over the campground identity to Smoke on the Water. 



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6 years ago

Will be fired if test positive to drugs including marijuana in our jobs and in department of defense and military service. Even if marijuana is legal in the state… This is the same reason we avoid concerts. This would end years of service, effects retirement and family relationships… forever.

6 years ago

When are people going to get a clue?
This lifestyle of freedom existing beneath our feet, comes from the desire to live a freer and less complicated lifestyle!
If someone smoking a little pot offends you, how about the statistic that AARP had a while back about the numbers of marijuana users increasing in their older years?
Do we really have to worry about that issue?
Most older users are responsible enough to be mindful of their surroundings. We don’t use it around the grandkids. We don’t walk into the park office blazing away and talk about our cable not working.
It’s time to get off the bandwagon of thinking like the government wants you to think!
We are Americans! We pull together, and realize that we each and all have a right to pursue interests which don’t affect others.
And, if you are doing something that offends others, try being more discreet!
It doesn’t offend anyone that I’m aware of to take Max the Wonder Dog for a walk and enjoy a little herbal relaxation.
Just cut each other a little slack, and show some respect for your fellow man or woman!
What if we became offended at those who like a glass of wine in the evening? Or a beer? Or …?
Get the point?

Al & Sharon
6 years ago

To those who answered NO they wouldn’t stay in an RV Park which allowed Marijuana to be used:
— So you won’t stay at ANY RV Park in the following states: COLORADO, OREGON and WASHINGTON… and other states as the laws are changed.

6 years ago

Probably safer than folks running around with a skin full of beer.

6 years ago

Probably wouldn’t stay with the Grandkids, and definately not if I were still subject to drug testing.

6 years ago

There is an RV Park called the 420 motel and RV park in Trinidad CO a few miles north of the New Mexico off I-25. They are located across the interstate from a pot shop. I see the place every time I go by there. It has been there for a few years.

Rory Roberts
6 years ago

Seems to me the choice is clear, if the resort is “pot-friendly” and you are not stay elsewhere. In states where recreational pot is legal, this would be a legitimate and legal business….

Tommy Molnar
6 years ago

I’m sure it’s more prevalent in states that are pot friendly than the ones where it’s not. After all, you can’t hide the ‘aroma’ of weed, and it seems to be even more identifiable than cigar smoke.

J. davis
6 years ago

How funny, Like folks aren’t smoking in their RV’s weather it’s legal or not

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