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High-torque Brush Hero powers through cleanups



Brush Hero at work

By Bob Difley

I was asked to review Brush Hero, a device that attaches to the end of a garden hose that can be used to clean “virtually anything,” as the packaging states. Of course I was skeptical – until I actually tried it out. My initial reservations included: did I have to wear a swimsuit when using it, what would it do that an ordinary brush couldn’t do, and was it effective?

What I liked immediately was that Brush Hero comes with a quick-connect that enables attaching or removing it from an ordinary garden hose in seconds, and it had a nice solid feel to it. I was pleased to find that the slow turning, high torque brush (powered by the water pressure from the hose) did not soak me top to bottom. Instead, the water pressure was reduced to a steady flow through the brush, actually rinsing the surface as I scrubbed – no second rinse required. I figure that saved some time on washing chores. Interchangeable brushes snap out or into the head quickly to enable using the right brush for the job.

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It also turned out that the torque of the slow-moving brush cleaned a lot better – and easier – than a regular brush or sponge, which requires scrubbing the brush over the surface to be cleaned while applying arm pressure. It wasn’t until I had half my truck washed (it also fit between the slots on my wheel covers and on the grill where an ordinary brush wouldn’t reach) that I realized that all I had to do was hold the brush over the dirtiest spots – no pressure or scrubbing back and forth necessary. A LOT easier.

Additional features:

  • Flow can be controlled by a thumb-controlled rocker switch, that also turns it off or on
  • Change brushes (black for sensitive surfaces, white for serious muck) by pulling to remove and pushing firmly to install
  • Use it to clean RVs, cars (wheel covers, grills), tow bars, mud flaps, bikes, ATVs, camp chairs, BBQ grills, sporting equipment, tools, toys, muddy boots and running shoes, and your ever faithful (but often dirty) canine companion.

I keep the Brush Hero right with my garden hose and nozzle where it is readily available for quicky cleaning chores. Watch Brush Hero in action and you can find it on Amazon.

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