Friday, December 9, 2022


Tiny pop-up trailer sets up in one minute – amazing!


Tiny is the new trendy, and this new design from Dutch startup Easy Caravanning, the TakeOff, is no exception to the trend. It’s adorable – how could you not want one?

The new tiny pop-up can be towed by practically any vehicle since it only weighs 1,650 pounds and it sets up in just one short minute. The convenience is sure to sell.

This happy little camper will come in several bright and cheery colors, such as orange, blue and green. It’s a simple design: There’s a hard roof, fabric sidewalls and a strut-assisted lift. The trailer opens from the back, where you drop the entry step and lift open the roof.

Once the trailer is popped up, inside is a dining room table with a dinette that folds down into a queen-sized bed, and different configurations allow you to arrange it how you’d like.

Think there isn’t a kitchen? Think again. Somehow, Easy Caravanning has squeezed a small kitchen in, complete with an electric fridge, duel-burner stove and a sink. While there’s plenty of room to cook inside on rainy evenings, the kitchen actually comes as a removable attachment, so you can pull it right outside and cook dinner under the stars.

There isn’t a bathroom, but there is an optional toilet that you can purchase to embed in one of the benches. Other additional options include heat and an attachable tent that can sleep the whole family.

As of now, Easy Caravanning has only built two TakeOffs – for shows and for testing. The company will first introduce the adorable little trailers in the Netherlands, but if it does ever make its way to the U.S., you can expect a base price starting at $15,000.

Images courtesy of Easy Caravanning


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Donald N Wright
5 months ago

Great idea.

Bob p
1 year ago

No thanks, way too old for that, we have needs for more comfort.

2 years ago

$15K BASE????

I bought my little 22′ Conquest get-away-camper new for about $13K…….bathroom, kitchen, heater, AIR CONDITIONER !!!

And most of today’s vehicles will pull it too…..

2 years ago

I own a 2018 Aliner LXE. Did you notice the windows? This Take-Off has no privacy! Tiny beds. Mine has 12 feet of livable space with stove, 3-way fridge, toilet, shower, full size bed, and storage. And I have a little more security with hard dormers. Weighs about the same. Oh, yeah. Mine goes up in about 2 minutes. No thank you; I’ll stick with what I have.

2 years ago

Cute. When stationed in Germany, we had a small tent trailer that I doubt weighed 600 pounds. You basically lifted the floor 180 degrees and it was completely set up. Towed it behind a 1973 Honda (before the Civic) all over the place, camping in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Holland.
Coleman either imported them or had the rights to make them in the U.S. Never saw one here.

2 years ago
Reply to  tom

Whoa!!! Can imagine your memories and photo collection !